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Aren’ice is future French national ice hockey centre

An arena with the appearance of an iceberg will host the future national ice hockey centre and headquarters of the French Federation (FFHG) in Cergy-Pontoise. Designed by Chabanne & partners, the facility will open in 2016 at a cost of €32 million.

Architects Chabanne & partners said that, appearing like an ice cap, smooth and solid, the building presents an iconic architecture of ice sports. The architectural forms are designed to electrify the efforts of the athletes who will play under white coated metal and iridescent hues.

The facility, operating over 15 230 m², will include two ice rinks to international standards. The first will have a fixed capacity of 300 seats. The second will host 3,000 spectators in hockey configuration. The infrastructure will accommodate other events such as tennis, handball, basketball, boxing and cultural.

The contracting authority is the Communauté d ‘ agglomération Cergy Pontoise. Design, construction, financing, maintenance and operation will be carried out by the UCPA group / CFA / FIDEPPP2 and COFELY.

Renderings © Chabanne & partners / illustrations: RSI