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Audi Field to debut with LED field lighting

Saturday night will mark D.C. United’s home debut at newly-built Audi Field, featuring a state-of-the-art LED lighting system.

The system is designed to enhance the stadium experience at the Buzzard Point, Washington D.C. venue, and help advance the Club’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Among D.C. United’s top priorities throughout the planning, design, and construction of Audi Field were to provide a top entertainment experience for Major League Soccer (MLS) fans, as well as be among the league’s most energy efficient stadiums.

For their field lighting system, project leaders explored a number of LED options from various manufacturers.

They chose to partner with Iowa-based Musco Sports Lighting, whose Total Light Control—TLC for LED® is featured at nearly 70 MLS, English Premier League, NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL venues around the world.

Tom Hunt, United president of business operations, said:

Throughout the planning and construction stages of Audi Field, our goal was to be at the forefront of cutting edge technology to enhance fan experience and provide the community with an energy efficient stadium.

We’re excited to use Musco Sports Lighting to create an electric atmosphere at Audi Field while maintaining the highest standard of green efficiency.

Tailored specifically to the architectural design and field specifications at Audi Field, the lighting features customised optics around the LEDs that help deliver a more uniform distribution of light, patented visoring to eliminate glare from affecting players and spectators, and multi-zone aiming which reduces harsh shadows and greatly improves the HD broadcast quality.

The system also integrates with the stadium’s DMX controls, enabling each individual fixture to synchronize with music for the creation of cutting-edge special effects and light shows, producing an enhanced experience for MLS games and other events being held at the venue.

With the LED lighting in place, energy consumption at Audi Field will be 61% less than if it had installed non-LED lighting. The 20,000-seat stadium includes a number of other energy efficient features, helping it achieve LEED Gold certification from the United States Green Building Council.

The field lighting system is backed by a long-term warranty that relieves the Club from having to pay for any maintenance—including parts and labor—over the next 10 years.

Jeff Rogers, vice president of Musco Lighting said:

D.C. United is committed to providing fans with an unforgettable entertainment experience and staying true to its values in terms of being environmentally responsible.

Audi Field brings the Club’s mission to life in some really impressive ways. Saturday night is going to be a memorable event, and we’re proud that our LED technology will be a part of it.