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Bristol Motor Speedway races ahead with unprecedented A/V experience

Bristol Motor Speedway will soon be ‘home’ to the world’s largest outdoor, permanent, centre-hung digital display. Fittingly named ‘Colossus‘, the screen – comprised of 8,694sqft of state-of-the-art digiLED Toura 6mm LED panels – will give race fans an unprecedented audio-visual experience when it debuts later this month.

Argyle, Texas-based GoVision has been there from the beginning, from initial design and engineering to proof of concept. And once the screen is in place, GoVision will manage, market, operate and maintain the screen in a partnership modelled after its long-standing relationship with the Dallas Cowboys.

As with the screens outside AT&T Stadium in Arlington, GoVision will have access to the LED panels that make up Colossus when they are not in use at the Speedway. The panels will add to GoVision’s massive inventory of Toura 6mm tiles – the largest rental inventory of state-of-the-art LED panels in the industry – further expanding GoVision’s ability to serve more, and larger, events around the country.

Chris Curtis, CEO and founder of GoVision, L.P., one of the USA’s premier suppliers of large-scale LED video displays and related services, said:

This is truly a one-of-a-kind, first-of-its-kind installation and I’m proud that our organization is the one with the capabilities to pull it off. We worked closely with BMS and Panasonic to create a win-win partnership that includes both a huge permanent installation at the Speedway and the availability of a substantial new amount of cutting-edge 6mm panels for rent.

Jerry Caldwell, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Bristol Motor Speedway, shared his excitement for the giant new screen at a special reveal ceremony. He said:

Combine all the energy and excitement of Bristol with the ultimate home theatre system, and you’ve got Colossus. The size, resolution and sound of this display will draw our guests into every bit of action on the track and in the infield.

Each of Colossus’ four custom-built screens is approximately 30’ tall by 63’ wide. In total, the system hosts nearly 54 million LEDs and 18 million pixels. The Toura 6 product was custom-designed by digiLED to meet GoVision, Panasonic and Bristol Motor Speedway specifications, and has a 6mm pixel pitch, meaning that the pixels are grouped tighter than any other large-scale, permanent outdoor display. The result: a glimmering visual experience capable of offering 281 trillion different colours and that is 23 times brighter and 25 percent sharper than the typical home HD TV.

The display will hang from a halo-shaped truss and features an additional circular LED display beneath the screens measuring nearly 6’ in height. Between the screens and the LED ring, there’s more than 10,500sqft of high-resolution, active viewing area.

BMS Toura Installation (3)


About GoVision™

GoVision L.P. ( is a premier provider of large-scale LED video displays and related services specialising in state-of-the-art mobile and modular LED technology, closed circuit TV, creative/content services, custom design, fabrication and installation. Our full-service LED solutions span from the most complex modular configurations, custom-built to any size, to North America’s largest fleet of turnkey mobile units. GoVision prides itself on delivering “More Ways to Get Noticed” through exceptional customer service, innovative design and a relentless pursuit of perfection in the unpredictable event business. GoVision has provided broadcast and production support for countless national events, including the 55th (Bush), 56th and 57th (Obama) Presidential Inaugurations, the 2015 Papal Visit, Major League Baseball, NBA All Star Games, NCAA Final Fours, the 2012 Ryder Cup, U.S. Open Championships and the 100th Anniversary Scouting Jamboree. It is the screen provider of AT&T Stadium Plaza, TCU, several college football programs and PGA tournaments. GoVision is based in Argyle, Texas, with offices in Los Angeles and Napa, California, and Portland, Oregon.


About digiLED

UK-based digiLED are internationally renowned LED video screen experts. From product conception and prototyping, through to production and quality control in factories across Asia, digiLED provides reassurance and expertise to ensure objectives are achieved. Through our Asia Sourcing offices based in Hong Kong, China and Korea, we provide options for our Commercial Partners and OEM customers to buy displays that can be rebranded, safe in the knowledge that our local experts will monitor production in the factory against dual language contracts and technical specifications, to ensure clients receive what they expect. Our Asia Sourcing business provides opportunities for bespoke product sourcing for those specific applications where something unique is required. GoVision and Bristol Motor Speedway are a classic example of this service.