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Changes for Paris 2024 Olympics venues

Organisers of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games have slimmed down the number of venues that will be used to host events.

The move, which includes axing the temporary Aquatics Centre, comes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and has been taken in a bid to cut costs.

Having been asked to consider ways of better exploiting existing venues, the board of directors agreed to:

  • do away with two temporary venues – the Aquatics Stadium and the Le Bourget Arena. Consequently, the Swimming and Water Polo finals will be held in the Paris La Défense Arena and the Volleyball will take place in an existing venue;
  • no longer use the Stade Jean-Bouin, and therefore move the Rugby Sevens events to the Stade de France;
  • use the Stade Pierre-Mauroy (Lille) as an Arena;
  • optimise the configuration of the venue at Place de la Concorde;
  • the transfer of the climbing site to Le Bourget and the creation of a permanent legacy site, the project of which will be studied with all the players concerned.;
  • reduce the number of football stadia used, from eight to seven;
  • confirm the venue at Colline d’Elancourt for the Mountain Bike Cycling events;
  • optimise the Paralympic Games concept by applying the revised Olympic Games concept.

The board said in a statement:

In these unprecedented and uncertain times, Paris 2024 is keen to act responsibly by creating room for manoeuvre in its budget in order to uphold its commitment to control costs and deliver the Games within the initial budget of €3.8 billion while continuing to champion the values that form its identity.

The revised concept bolsters the central position the project affords to Seine-Saint-Denis. It will still host the same number of Olympic events, but will no longer require the use of two temporary venues that add nothing in terms of legacy.

Image caption: Paris La Défense Arena will be used to host swimming events.