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Comprehensive Architects, Designers and Specialist Contractors Directory


PanStadia & Arena Management has compiled a comprehensive Architects, Engineers, Project Managers and Specialist Contractors Directory illustrating the sports events and venues sectors’ leading firms.


The information can be accessed free of charge via our website at: 



Being continuously updated with more company information and all the latest signature projects from the world of sporting events and venues, the Directory is an invaluable resource tool.



Never before has the industry had access to an independent reference guide such as this, which illustrates the world’s most prominent firms with live links to their websites and email addresses.



Each listing details the company’s services and the regions in which they are active, accompanied by a selection of their key projects, and all supported by stunning imagery.


With the company’s contact information included, the stadiums, arenas, venues, leagues and federations seeking an architecture, design, engineering, project management or specialist contractor have all the necessary data at their fingertips.



You can view the Directory online at: for permanent free reader access.