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Daktronics lights up Atlantic Union Bank Center

When Dukes fans head to the new Atlantic Union Bank Center in Harrisonburg, Virginia, this autumn, they will see 23 LED displays from a partnership between James Madison University and Daktronics.

All displays, including a five-display centre-hung configuration, will be installed in 2020.

Director of athletics Jeff Bourne said:

The Atlantic Union Bank Center has changed the trajectory of JMU Athletics in so many ways, and the technology infrastructure is a significant component of that growth.

We’ve had a long history of partnering with Daktronics but never in such a robust capacity. The design of the video components, inside and outside, contribute to a first-class experience for our sport programs and patrons.

The new centre-hung will include four main video displays, each measuring 11.5ft high by 19.5ft wide and featuring 3.9-millimeter line spacing.

A lower ring display will be mounted to the centerhung measuring 3ft high by 80ft in circumference and featuring 5.9-millimeter line spacing. These displays will bring high-resolution imagery to fans in every seat of the arena.

Four corner video displays will also be installed in the arena. Each of these displays will feature 10-millimeter line spacing and measure more than 6ft high by 24ft wide.

Each video display is capable of variable content zoning allowing each to show one large image or to be divided into multiple zones to share any combination of live video, instant replays, data and statistics, graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages.

Fran Kulas, Daktronics sales representative, said:

Daktronics is excited to once again partner with James Madison University to provide our state-of-the-art products to enhance the overall fan experience. Atlantic Union Bank Center is a ground-breaking venue for athletics and other special events, and Daktronics is thrilled to play such an integral role in this remarkable project.

Three ribbon displays will be installed along the seating fascia and seven court-side scorer’s tables will be included with the project. Each ribbon display will feature 10-millimeter line spacing. One ribbon will measure 2.5ft high by 541ft long and the other two will measure 2ft high by 13.5 ft long. Each scorer’s table will feature 6-millimeter line spacing and measure 2ft high. Five scorer’s tables will measure 8ft long while the other two will measure 9ft long.

These displays, along with the ring display on the centre-hung, will offer opportunities to highlight sponsors throughout events while also showing supplement content to the main displays including statistics and other game information.

Outside the venue, two double-sided marquee displays will be installed as well. All four individual displays will measure 16ft high by 8ft wide and feature 10-millimeter pixel spacings.

One double-sided marquee is located off Carrier Drive near the plaza entrance while the other is located off University Boulevard, parallel each other on opposite sides of the building. These displays can be used to promote upcoming and current events while also sharing branding and sponsor messaging to passers-by.