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Fukushima United reveal plans for innovative stadium

Japanese third division football club Fukushima United FC have revealed plans to build a new 15,000 seat stadium.

According to the Fukushima Minpo newspaper, the Football Stadium for Fukushima group, headed by the chairman of the Fukushima Chamber of Commerce and Industry, unveiled the unusual plans for the new venue.

The stadium will be built with a football pitch that can be lifted up and down depending on the nature of the event being staged at the venue.

In football mode the pitch will be placed below the level of the stands, but for concerts and indoor sports such as basketball, the pitch would be elevated to become a part of the roof structure.

The capacity of the stadium will be at least 15,000 to meet the J-League requirement for promotion to the top flight.

The proposal also details business and retail spaces would be built, as well as meeting facilities to attract non-match day events like conventions and exhibitions.

The group has yet to identify a potential site for the multi-purpose stadium but expects either the Fukushima city centre or somewhere close to a train station to provide easy access to fans.

Fukushima United’s current home stadium, the Toho Min’na-no Stadium, is an athletic stadium and does not have enough seats or floodlights to obtain even the J2 (J-League 2nd division) license criteria.

Images: Tohata Architects & Engineering

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