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Go-ahead for Stadio della Roma

Construction work could soon get underway on AS Roma’s Stadio della Roma after the project was given the all clear by an independent technical report.

The Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, confirmed that the independent Politecnico di Torino, who had been asked to investigate the various transport issues involved with the proposed new stadium, had issued a positive assessment of the club’s plans.

Roma vice-president Mauro Baldissoni welcomed the news, declaring that the time has come for the club to be allowed to begin construction on the Meis Architects project. He said:

It is about time the city has the opportunity to see the results of all these discussions and all this investment and that Roma can finally begin construction of the stadium.”

Today the independent technical report that the Mayor requested from the Politecnico di Torino was publicly released. It is not something that has any legal bearing, because it is outside of the administrative procedure, but it serves an important purpose: to address any of the doubts that surrounded the viability of the traffic studies included in the submitted project.

So, first and foremost, it was important politically, a helpful reference point for the administration as they confirm the final approval of the project.

Some alternative solutions were proposed for the traffic around the site, because of the everyday mobility issues that affect the city, which will see more of a focus on rail transport.

Baldissoni added:

All that remains now is to go through the few outstanding technical and administrative steps to complete the final approval. First of those will be the approval of the ‘urban variation’. We are continuing to work closely with the administration on that. Everything has been discussed, there are no contentious points still to be resolved. All that remains is to address a couple of technical issues, which will then allow a date to be set for the final vote on the variation.

Then, once that is done, the project can be passed on to Lazio Regione, who will issue the final building permits. We expect that will conclude everything as far as the approval process goes, and hopefully as soon as possible.

It is about time the city got the opportunity to see the results of all these discussions and all this investment, and that Roma can finally begin construction of the stadium.

Raggi said:

The Stadio della Roma will go ahead and the proponents, if they want, can break ground as early as this year.

We’re not against works or big works, the stadium being one of them, but rather we’re in favour of useful works that bring benefits to the city and its citizens, as in this case where a part of the city will be upgraded.