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Hamburg’s Rothenbaum tennis stadium transformed

The site of Germany’s Hamburg European Open tennis championship has been transformed over the past 18 months.

And the new look Rothenbaum Tennis Stadium is now ready for action when the tournament starts later this month.

The entrance area to the stadium has been redesigned resulting in a spacious and friendly entrance area with a new box office and info point. Benches and green spaces increase the welcoming ambience

All seats have been replaced with modern ones and have been laid out in a colour scheme with a pixel look, which serves to improve orientation inside the stadium. Each stand was designed in its own colour.

Following the renovation, the capacity of the stadium will be about 10,000 seats.

The number of places for wheelchair users has been increased to 30 and for visually impaired people up to 100.

The tournament’s previous Hall of Fame has been upgraded, with a new, digital ‘Walk of Champions’ taking its place. Visitors can use QR codes to find out more about previous tournament winners and the tournament’s history. With a new and fresh look, the place invites you to linger and discover.

The inner and outer roof membrane has been completely renewed, and the engineering technology of the retractable roof has been renovated.

The facades were given a new and contemporary look and the old sun protection for the window systems was replaced.

All public toilet facilities in the stadium have been refurbished and modernised. The venue has been given new, clear signs for better orientation.

The wooden benches of the outer courts M1 / M2 used during the tennis tournament have been partially renovated.

The players’ areas have been extensively renovated and modernized. This includes the changing rooms, showers, and the players’ lounge.

The tournament received about €10 million in funding to complete the site improvements, including an €8 million donation from the Alexander Otto Sports Foundation.

His company ECE also took over the project management and design planning. The City of Hamburg contributed €1 million to the renovation of the roof.

The German Tennis Federation with its subsidiary DTB Stadion and Marketing GmbH, as well as local tennis and field hockey club, Club an der Alster, provided the remaining funds for the project. Otto said:

I am delighted with the result. The stadium has been completely renovated and with its now international, modern look, a successful re-positioning of the Rothenbaum brand takes place. It is great to see what we have created here as partners. Players and visitors are invited to come and stay at the Hamburg European Open, which is the perfect framework to celebrate the stadium’s inauguration.

Steffie Graf, six-time Rothenbaum winner said:

I am very pleased that the Rothenbaum venue continues to be an important sports facility for the city of Hamburg thanks to the great support from Alexander Otto and his sports foundation. The Rothenbaum tournaments have always been fixed dates on the tennis calendar for the players and the spectators for many years and have become important milestones in my career.

Thanks to the tournaments, Hamburg has become an important mainstay for me, and I am still closely connected to the city through my foundation. I would like to thank Alexander Otto and all those involved who made this modernisation possible and I am pleased that many tennis fans can experience exciting matches in this beautiful stadium again.

Image courtesy of ECE