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Hull Tigers to transform KC Stadium with computer-controlled LED floodlighting

This July, Hull Tigers will be chalking up a home win with the addition of a state-of -the-art lighting system from Philips, a global leader in lighting. The new LED pitch lighting is designed to provide footballers, fans and TV broadcasters with the best possible experience. The investment will ensure that the KC Stadium’s sports floodlighting meets the latest TV broadcast requirements as set out by the English Premier League. The lighting will be installed during this summer’s break in time for the start of the 2015/16 football season.

The Philips ArenaVision LED floodlighting system is an innovative LED pitch lighting concept that fulfils all contemporary and future field-of-play requirements, such as light level, uniformity, glare rating and HDTV super-slow motion broadcasting. The flexible floodlighting designed and optimised for TV coverage of football and other sports events will make KC Stadium a truly multipurpose entertainment venue.

In addition, the Philips ArenaVision LED floodlighting will enhance other sport played at the KC Stadium, such as Super League Rugby and will support the local events, attractions and concerts regularly held at the venue.

The use of LED technology provides the opportunity for the Club to use lighting in a more creative way, for a completely immersive experience for spectators and players. The solution includes a dedicated user interface and a control system that allows quick, easy and reliable monitoring of the system. The ability to switch between optimal lighting configurations provides complete flexibility and the ability to switch on and off or dim each floodlight individually. With the new lighting system it will be possible to create pre-set light scenes to provide specific conditions such as dimmed energy saving levels for cleaning and maintenance purposes as well as training level lighting.

John North, Managing Director, the Stadium Management Company said:

The new state of the art, energy efficient,  LED pitch lighting system for the KC Stadium delivers the ability to instantly change from one light setting from another. This is not just a game changer for   spectators but also for the future of the modern multi-purpose stadium, a key feature of the operational strategy for our sporting venues.

The Philips ArenaVision LED control system will also be used to create special entertainment lighting effects that would normally require dedicated stage-lighting, providing the opportunity for the floodlights to be integrated into pre- and post-match light shows to help build the atmosphere and excitement in the stadium. The instant on/off nature of LED lighting even allows for the creation of a simple blackout effect if required.

Andy Gowen, Director of Public Lighting, Philips Lighting UK, said:

More than ever before lighting can add value to a stadium. The main priority for professional sports venues has always been to ensure the correct light levels on the pitch but with the arrival of the digital age, there is a great deal more on offer. Our ArenaVision LED floodlighting bridges the worlds of entertainment lighting and to date static, high quality pitch lighting to deliver a memorable experience for visitors whether they are coming to watch Hull in action or to hear their favourite bands perform.

The Club will also benefit from maintenance savings due to the exceptional long life of the LED system. Typically, metal halide floodlighting lamps should be replaced every three-seasons to maintain the lighting levels required, however, Philips LED system is expected to last in excess of ten.

The Philips

Philips ArenaVision LED lighting system will be installed at KC Stadium this summer.