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Indiana University to build new volleyball arena

Indiana University officials have given the green light for a new volleyball/wrestling indoor arena to be built on the Bloomington campus.

The new venue will allow the volleyball and wrestling teams to move from their current locations to the athletics campus.

This location will give student-athletes better access to services provided by the Excellence Academy under construction at Memorial Stadium and better proximity to student housing.

The 2,500- to 3,000-seat venue will be used as a competition facility for both volleyball and wrestling, as well as the practice facility for volleyball.

The wrestling team also will be able to compete closer to its current practice space in Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

In addition, spectators will enjoy a fan- and family-friendly environment within the new facility.

Vice President and Director of Athletics Fred Glass said:

This new, state-of-the-art, indoor, multipurpose arena in the heart of the athletics campus will have a profound and positive impact for all of our students who participate in intercollegiate athletics as well as the student body generally.

Consistent with the university’s master plan, the indoor arena will bring volleyball and wrestling back to the athletics campus, support year-round training for all of our students, and improve campus life with increased fan accessibility for volleyball and wrestling matches.

Photo by James Brosher, IU Communications