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“Unique and of a high quality” says IOC report on Istanbul’s 2020 bid

The IOC Evaluation Commission report on Istanbul’s bid to host the city’s first ever Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020 has been published and it states that Istanbul 2020’s proposed Games plan is “unique and of a high quality”. Istanbul 2020 Bid Chairman Hasan Arat said:

The report has highlighted many of our key assets, in particular, our robust and proven delivery solution and the significant Government, private sector and general public support for the Games. In fact the IOC Survey found that 83% of Istanbul residents (c.11 million people) want the Games, and Istanbul 2020’s latest independent survey found that 94% of Turkey’s population want the Games.

Ugur Erdener, IOC member and President of the National Olympic Committee of Turkey.

Ugur Erdener, IOC member and President of the National Olympic Committee of Turkey.

IOC member, President of the Turkish National Olympic Committee, and President of the World Archery Federation, Professor Uğur Erdener said:

As someone heading up an NOC and an International Federation, I am delighted with this report from the IOC Evaluation Commission. They clearly have realised that we offer unique and compelling solutions for all different Games client groups and can stage a Games that will benefit the wider Olympic Movement.

Our plan will engage people in Olympic and Paralympic sport and will ensure knowledgeable spectators for all sports, filling the stadia and creating a fantastic atmosphere in spectacular world-class venues.

This report comes out at a time when Turkey is hosting multiple international sports events. The Mediterranean Games in Mersin, for example, is real-time proof that the IOC can put their faith in Turkey to deliver world-class sporting events.

In particular, the report acknowledges Istanbul’s Games Concept and Master Plan which balances compactness with logistical utility and imaginatively activates strategic locations across the city. The IOC noted that Istanbul’s plans are fully aligned with the long-term needs of the city with a robust delivery solution already in place. The IOC Commission stated that it was: “…confident that given the government’s full support and the proven track- record of TOKI [State agency for construction] to date, construction works could be funded and completed on time, in line with construction best-practices and standards and would meet Games requirements”.

The Evaluation Commission report has made it clear that Istanbul 2020 along with their competitors have presented projects “which are all of an extremely high level and demonstrate detailed planning and comprehensive strategies in technical and operational matters, as well as many other areas including sustainability, the environment, legacy (both for the 2020 Games and for the bid itself), accessibility and integrated city development.”

Arat said: “That the report has endorsed so much of the Istanbul 2020 Games Plan is indeed very gratifying and we know that we are at least on an equal footing with others in this race.

These and other assets guarantee the Olympic Movement a unique partnership with Istanbul and the surrounding region, not just for 2020, but for generations thereafter. The feedback we have received today has provided us with a timely boost ahead of our presentation to the IOC members in Lausanne next week and as we move into the final 11 weeks before the IOC Session in Buenos Aires on 7 September.