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Italy’s Empoli FC announce plans for an €11m redevelopment of their Stadio Carlo Castellani

Italian Serie A side, Empoli FC, looks set to follow in the footsteps of Juventus and Udinese, having unveiled ambitious plans for a ‘New Stadio Castellani’, which would deliver a 17,300-capacity soccer-specific stadium, with all seats covered by a roof.

The stadium redevelopment plans – which have been designed by Italian architect, Roberto Puliti – would see a “Udinese style” restructuring of the stadium, which would see the running track removed and the remaining stands demolished to make way for the new, improved areas.

In the plans, the New Stadio Castellani would feature restaurants, hospitality areas, VIP suites and commercial areas.

At the recent press conference during which the team unveiled the stadium redevelopment plans, Francesco Ghelfi, Empoli FC’s Chief Executive, advised:

Today, we present our ideas for the redevelopment of the Stadio Castellani: we have the will and the strength to do this, because we believe it is an opportunity for l’Empoli, for Empoli and for all. We think it is a great opportunity, useful and functional in respect of everyone and everything. This restructuring would see the removal of the existing curves, replacing them with two new structures attached to the field. In addition, the project calls for the renovation of the grandstand, which would see the creation of sky boxes, new seats and other areas closer to the field that would replace the field box. Finally, everything would be surrounded by a honeycomb ring of polycarbonate that recalls the most famous stages.

Gelhfi also advised that although the capacity of the new stadium would be similar to the present, it could increase to 20,000 if new instructions were to arrive from the League.

Gelhfi conculded:

I think it is an opportunity for the city and for the citizens, as well as a way to enhance this area. It will also be one stage with zero impact: Enegan, which will provide the solar panels that will be placed above the cover to feed the stadium, would acquire the name of the stadium, although Carlo Castellani will still remain in the new denomination.

Images courtesy: Empoli FC

Images courtesy: Empoli FC