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Lanxess Arena and Palais Omnisport de Paris-Bercy will host the 2017 ice hockey worlds

A joint bid from France and Germany will take the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship to Paris and Cologne, the latter a well-known venue for international hockey fans. The Lanxess Arena played host to the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships in 2001 and 2010. It’s the largest venue for indoor sports by capacity in Europe offering 18,500 seats for hockey. Uwe Harnos, President of the German Ice Hockey Association, said:

Both countries have a long hockey history and the federations are working closely together. A World Championship in Paris and Cologne offers a great chance to develop our sport in France, Germany and Europe. We are looking forward to create an outstanding event for all teams and their fans with a unique atmosphere.

France has hosted the event twice, in Chamonix 1930 and in Paris 1951. 2017 games will take place in the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, where the French Ice Hockey Federation started to host the French Cup Final seven years ago, and now this event sells out with 13,362 spectators. The arena will be renovated and expanded by 2015 so that it can offer seating for 15,000 fans for hockey games.

Franz Reindl, the General Secretary of the German Ice Hockey Association, who is set to assume the same role in the Organizing Committee as he did in 2010, said:

We want to have low prices and more spectators in big venues.. Tickets will be available for as little as €9 while the average price over all tournament stages and seat categories will be €39. Local transportation will be offered for free to ticketholders and participants.

Tickets will be sold centrally by CTS Eventim, which also owns the arena in Cologne. The committee calculates an attendance of 600,000 fans, with a capacity of 886,000 fans for all games.

During the 2013 IIHF Annual Congress, Latvia showed interest in bidding for 2018. Switzerland, with new arenas in Zurich and Geneva, and Slovakia, announced their intentions to bid for 2019.

Lanxess arena will host 2017 world champs.

Lanxess arena will host 2017 world champs.