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Liverpool Mayor announces plans for 30,000-seat Stadium/Arena in Western Sydney

Liverpool Mayor Ned Mannoun has released a proposal for a new covered roof stadium/arena to be built in Western Sydney.

Sydney newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported that Mayor Mannoun’s plan is for a venue resembling the University of Phoenix Stadium, with a playing surface that can be wheeled out of the venue for maintenance purposes when not in use for sport, revealing a convention and event centre floor.

Artist’s impressions of the ambitious venue have been drawn up under the direction of Mayor Mannoun in a bid to win the backing of the NSW Government and gain inclusion in its recently announced AUD$1bn strategy to develop and refurbish sports stadia across metropolitan Sydney.

Stating that the venue would need to flexible to ensure the venue was not just used by sporting teams and had wider use as a convention and event centre, Mayor Mannoun told The Daily Telegraph:

We’re drawing on inspiration from the University of Phoenix stadium (with a) proposal (for) an entertainment centre that can turn into a sports venue.

No facility we presently have in Sydney would get usage like this: everything from local netball games, to professional sports to camper van expos, music concerts and high school graduations.

With the recently announced strategy initially backing the upgrading of Parramatta (PIrtek) Stadium, longer term plans for a new venue in Western Sydney have focused on Penrith and the Blacktown International Sportspark.

University of Phoenix Stadium.

University of Phoenix Stadium.

Under Mayor Mannoun’s plan, the roofed stadium of about 30,000-seats would be part of an entertainment and cultural precinct at Woodward Park, 800 metres from Liverpool train station and a kilometre from the M5.

It is estimated the total precinct would cost about AUD$600m, of which AUD$400m could be raised through developer contributions. About AUD$200m would be needed from the NSW Government, including money raised through potential land sales.

Mayor Mannoun has reportedly secured an agreement with the Wests Tigers NRL team to create a new home in Liverpool if it can secure federal funding to help build a centre of excellence at Carnes Hill.

Images: An artist’s impression of the planned Liverpool precinct, with its roofed arena (top) and the University of Phoenix Stadium (below).

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