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MCG drops roof walk, zip wire experience plans

Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) has dropped the proposed concept of a zip line and roof walk experience at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

The move comes after detailed research found that the structural impact on the stadium and the associated capital cost would greatly exceed initial forecasts.

In February last year, the MCC secured a A$650,000 contribution from the Federal Government’s Tourism Demand Driver infrastructure programme towards the project.

It was the MCC’s initial intention to construct and operate a cross-stadium zip line and a roof walk experience for MCG visitors.

A permanent cross-stadium zip line was a unique, never-before-tested proposition. Extensive consideration of the MCG’s structure, the stadium’s heavy event schedule and safety imperatives has shown that it is not a viable option at this time.

The decision was reached following significant consultation with engineering and design organisations, both in Australia and overseas.

Operating a standalone roof walk was also deemed not viable at the moment.

MCC CEO Stuart Fox said:

We remain committed to enhancing the MCG’s tourism offering, and will continue to explore opportunities to complement the existing MCG tour and National Sports Museum.