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2020 Media kit

Check out our latest PanStadia & Arena Management digital media kit – it’s been designed to highlight the full breadth of the PanStadia & Arena Management magazine and affiliated services available to help you promote your organisation to our audience of:

  • Sports Venue Owners, Developers and Operators (eg AEG, SMG, Live Nation, Global Spectrum)
  • Sports Club key Executives (including upper management, departmental heads and groundstaff)
  • Municipal Sports Departmental Officials
  • Senior Officials from national sports associations and event rights holders (plus bid committees for major sporting events)
  • Senior Principles from Architecture, Engineering and Construction Companies currently working on sports projects around the globe
  • Leading Contractors and System Integrators
  • Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific attendees
  • Key association members, for example SMA (Stadium Managers Association) and ESSMA (European Stadium Safety Managers Association), etc…

Inside the media kit, check out our features list for this year, plus our special initiatives to help you integrate your marketing strategies, including the PSAM Weekly Digest, the PSAM App and details of our NEW Digital Issue which brings yet more new marketing opportunities.

The media kit is designed to be read online and the URL can be added to your Bookmarks/Favorites for future use. Or, if you prefer, you can download an interactive pdf here for use with Acrobat Pro/Acrobat Reader only.