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Mega truss installed at AFAS Stadium – video

The mega truss heavy arch for the roof of the AFAS Stadium in the Netherlands was installed this week.

After months of preparation the giant arch construction was hoisted into place. Watch a video here.

The roof of the stadium in Alkmaar is being replaced after part of it collapsed on 10 August 2019. High winds were blamed for the partial collapse of the roof in the Molenaar stand. The stadium was empty at the time and nobody was hurt in the incident.

Dutch Eredivisie football club AZ Alkmaar chose BAM to replace the entire roof.

The new roof – designed by ZJA – will extend four meters on all sides towards the field, making the stadium more comfortable for supporters in wet weather.

The current floodlight poles will also be replaced by sustainable LED lighting in the eaves. BAM is carrying out the work in collaboration with ASK Romein, which specialises in steel construction.

On July 30, 2020, the construction of the mega truss began. This resulted in a construction of 170 meters long and weighing 600,000 kilos. Two enormous cranes, delivered by more than 100 trucks, lifted the arch into place place on Wednesday morning.

The entire operation was shown live on AZ’s YouTube channel. They also recorded the historic day in a photo and video report. Keep an eye on AZ’s (social) media channels for the further progress of the construction on the new roof.

Photo courtesy of Az Alkmaar/Ed van de Pol