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More renovations at Capital One Arena

Monumental Sports & Entertainment has announced a second phase of renovations and cutting-edge upgrades to the fan experience at Capital One Arena in Washington, US.

The revamp is part of an additional $15 million renovation investment in the venue.

The entirely privately-funded project will complement last summer’s $40 million renovation at the arena.

Phase II is scheduled to begin this summer at the conclusion of the 2018-19 Washington Wizards and Capitals seasons and is expected to be completed by Fall 2019.

Capital One Arena will utilise the latest in LED video technology to completely transform the in-arena experience and bring fans closer than ever to all the action.

The commitment to best-in-class LED displays began with Phase I Renovations which updated more than 350 arena network television screens, 85 98-inch screens, 50 55-inch screens and 23 large format LED boards around the concourse, allowing fans to experience the best of sports technology as they enjoy one of the premier arenas in the country.

Additions to the arena will include:

One of the largest 360-degree continuous video screen of any arena in the United States with over 7,000 total square feet of SMART LED display;

Eight distinct display areas, delivering not just video of the action but real-time stats, scores, and updates;

Best-in-class 4mm pixel pitch and 4K HD quality with true-to-life colour.

Revolutionary Two-Sided DualTV™ Boards:

Four state-of-the-art two-sided, curved DualTV boards in the corners of the arena will ensure every fan has a premium view of all the action. The boards will boast more than 2,200f2 of HD LED video display arena-side and the first back-side LED video display in the industry. Over 1,000 square feet of HD LED video display on the back-side will deliver stats and scores alongside live action.

A Gravity-Defying SkyRing Display:

For the first time in an indoor arena, Capital One Arena will feature an incredible SkyRing that will feature over 9,000ft2 of LED video, wrapping the roofline of the arena bowl.

Measures 390ft in diameter – the largest display in any U.S. arena to date

Over 9,250ft2 of LED display area

1,230ft2 circumference wraps the arena

Best-in-class HD with true-to-color quality

Wrapped to Perfection Ribbon Boards:

All ribbon boards will receive an update with new, unrivaled 10mm LED boards delivering an exceptional picture for fans.

Updated Upper and Lower Fascia ribbons with 1,600 square feet of brand-new LED

Addition of two new end zone ribbons adding more than 1,040 additional square feet of LED display to Capital One Arena

True-to-colour quality

New LED Sports and Bowl Lighting:

All sports and seating lighting will be replaced with new LED lighting.

Tunable white fixtures for customisable sports lighting

Colour-changing LED lights for customized arena bowl lighting

Stronger lumen output per fixture

Environmentally conscientious 60 to 75 percent energy-use reduction

Updates during Phase II will also include additional mouth-watering new concession options, expansion of luxury seating, a refurbished destination lounge, and the renovation of the 200 level concourse.

Newly-Designed Concessions:

Updates to the 200 level concourse will feature brand-new concessions, including The Exchange – a walk-in market and TLC (Tenders, Love & Chicken) – a premium chicken concept that features crispy, home-style chicken tenders, hand-tossed golden fries and a signature chicken sandwich complete with a wide variety of dipping sauces found at a self-serve sauce bar. Additional partnerships with some of the top chefs in the District will continue to bring exceptional food to the fan experience.

Get Even Closer in the PwC Club: The exclusive PwC Club will get even better with new lower rows that will bring fans closer to the action while still having access to all the terrific amenities only the PwC Club can offer.

Rebranded Devil’s Backbone Lounge: The 400 level of Capital One Arena will be updated with the introduction of Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company Outpost. Brewed in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company is committed to taking their time to craft signature lagers like Vienna Lager, Trail Angel, Schwartz Bier and Eight Point. Now their craft beers will be on-tap for our fans in a beautiful, wide open space that celebrates the DB commitment to great beer with great friends.

Modernised 200 Level Concourse: The Kettler Loft 200 level concourse will join the previously-renovated 100 and 400 levels in receiving a complete makeover, including new flooring, new lighting, and sleek new décor.

Capital One Arena is one of the few privately-owned arenas in the country, and throughout its ownership, Monumental Sports & Entertainment has made over $100 million in investments to ensure the arena – ranked 11th in the US and 24th worldwide among top-grossing venues with a capacity of over 15,000 by Pollstar in 2018 – remains a best-in-class facility.

David Touhey, President of Venues at MSE, said:

Investing in a technologically-integrated venue experience is paramount to our mission of creating monumental memories for our fans.

Upon completion of this second round of renovations and upgrades, Capital One Arena will feature the best LED displays available today, creating the best in-bowl and in-arena experience for sports and entertainment in America.