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New era for Villarreal at Estadio de la Cerámica

Spanish La Liga club Villarreal CF has rechristened its El Madrigal Stadium as the Estadio de la Cerámica (Ceramic Tile Stadium).

Ceramics are an important industry in the province of Castellón where the club is located, and a number of producers have teamed up to sponsor the club.

Pamesa, Porcelanosa and Argenta Ceramica are the main sponsors, while Tau Ceramica, Bestile, Esmalglass-Itaca and Colorobbia are also official sponsors.

From now on, the South Stand will feature a facade that will be completely covered with yellow, high gloss porcelain stoneware, representative of Villarreal CF.

Some 2,000 square meters of ceramics have been fixed to the façade of the stand.

The front is illuminated with a modern and revolutionary LED light system with more than 500 light points.

A digitally controlled system allows changes in colours and effects and the ability to alternate between different designs and styles.

The surroundings of the Estadio de la Cerámica have also been transformed, with a new square with ceramic materials on the pavement.

Villareal said:

The people in this square will have a great perspective of the stadium and it will serve as meeting point and space for fan activities before football matches.

With this new work, security has also been notably improved, as there will be greater fluidity in the circulation of people in the surrounding areas and on the evacuation routes from the pitch.

Villarreal CF’s stadium has always been in the same location. It was inaugurated on June 17th, 1923 with the name Campo del Villarreal, although just two years later it was renamed El Madrigal – the name of the local precinct in Villareal – keeping the name for almost a century.

Image courtesy of Villarreal CF