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Olympic Stadium seating conversion tender open to suppliers

The London Legacy Development Corporation is tendering the design and supply of the seating system to enable the Olympic Stadium to support both soccer and athletics. The application process is being handled by the Supply4London website. The opportunity calls for a design prototype which, if successful, will be commissioned for manufacture, installation and maintenance – a ‘whole life’ solution. The supplier will work for the main contractor and the deadline to apply is 1 November.

The specification requires that the stadium lower seating tier be movable whilst protecting the athletics track and maintain the total seating capacity of 54,000 spectators for pitch sports and up to 58,100 for athletic events.

There are three stages to the Contract Authority’s requirements:

Stage 1 Works – Design and Construction of Prototype

Stage 2 Works – Design and construction of entire Relocatable Seating Tier works to be installed in the Stadium. To include works for the design and construction of access bridges and connections from the Lower Terrace to the Stadium and a demountable seating stand; and Services – Maintenance and Operation of Relocatable Seating Tier together with the storage and installation of temporary seating stand and access bridges over a 10 year period. The agreement includes the option to extend the agreement in increments up to a further 10 years.

Pictured: Olympic stadium in post-Games mode. Photo courtesy of Showsec, who secured the Anniversary Games at the venue.