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Omani stadium plans

Oman plans to build a new sport stadium in the Governorate of Musandam. Sheikh Sa’ad bin Mohammed al-Mardhouf al-Sa’adi, Minister of Sports Affairs this week unveiled tenders for the stadium and for new sports complexes in the Governorates of North A’Sharqiyah and South Al Batinah and the the expansion of Al Sa’ada Sports Complex in the Governorate of Dhofar.

Sheikh Sa’ad bin Mohammed al-Mardhouf al-Sa’adi said:

There is a comprehensive strategy to build sports complexes and centres in all governorates of the Sultanate, affirming at the same time that these complexes must be in accordance with the international standards, which will place the Sultanate on the international map.

Oman intends to enable its sports unions and clubs to host continental and international championships and domestic league matches and to give young people the opportunity to practice different sports and youth activities.

The Khasab Sports Complex will include a football stadium with international measurements and 12,000 capacity, A’Rustaq Sports Complex will include a football stadium to international standards and 17,000 capacity, hockey ground, football training ground, two tennis courts, a covered Olympic pool (800) and multi-purpose gymnasium (1100), adding that the complex will be equipped with live-broadcast of sport activities, such as broadcasting requirements, fitness halls for men and women, management and sports medical centres.

He pointed out that football playing ground will be packed in accordance with the international specifications and standards and will accommodate (17,000) spectators.

He added that the complex will initially contain two swimming pools according to the Olympic measurements and accommodate up to (800) spectators. The covered gym will be according to the international standards and is dedicated to handball, volleyball and basketball and will be equipped with auditoriums that can accommodate about (1,100) spectators.

In a second phase of expansion at the Al Sa’ada Sports Complex, the seating capacity of the stadium will be doubled to 18,000 spectators in preparation for a future increase to about 25,000.