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Pino Zaccheria stadium modernised

Italian Serie B team Foggia has carried out upgrade work at its 17,368 capacity Pino Zaccheria stadium in the south-eastern Apulia region.

The work included a new sound reinforcement system, supplied by Centro Cultura Musicale.

As well as the new PA system, the ground’s upgrade also included a new lighting system for night matches, electricity generators and contemporary seating.

Beyond meeting the new safety regulations, new booths and facilities were added for broadcast coverage, as well as upgrades being made to the offices, dressing rooms and turnstiles.

Designed using Outline Open Array 3D software by the company’s senior system engineer Francesco Ferretti, the PA system is used to play recorded music before matches, announcements, publicity, team line-ups, announcements for the substitution of players and safety announcements.

The upper tier of the roofed west stand is covered by six Outline Vegas 12 CX two-way, full-range coax speaker enclosures installed under the roof.

The same format is used with four more Vegas 12 CX for the lower tier, installed under the upper tier of the stand.

The lower tier of each of the north and south curves is covered by four Vegas 12 CX installed under the upper tier, and the lower tier of the open air east stand seating features six Vegas 12 CX mounted below the upper tier.

The upper tier of the seating on the each of the curves’ and the open air stand are covered by four Stadia 100-30 long-throw DPRWG loudspeaker systems.

Each curve has a Stadia mounted on one of the ground’s lighting pylons and the stand has two mounted over the centre of the main stand’s roof.

Augusto Rinaldi of Centro Cultura Musicale said:

The sound reinforcement system is particularly effective thanks to its clear sound as well as ensuring that there is no sound spill into the surrounding zones. The set-up’s user-friendliness is definitely the icing on the cake and the public has appreciated and acknowledged the results, which exceeded all of our expectations.