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Planners recommend Resorts World Arena expansion

A major expansion and part-refurbishment of Resorts World Arena in Solihull, near Birmingham in the UK has been recommended by planners.

Planning officers at Solihull Council have backed the expansion of the arena.

The proposals will allow for an increase in capacity to 21,600, making the venue the largest arena in the UK and Ireland.

There would be improvements to the existing service offering within the arena, and an enhanced visitor experience through internal and external upgrades.

The alterations would enable Resorts World Arena to accommodate a wider range of events and larger audiences, further establishing the NEC as one of the UK’s top exhibition and entertainment venues.

The newly expanded and improved Arena will be completed prior to the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 and will act as a venue during the games.

The proposals will enable the roof to be replaced, strengthened and raised to address its currently restricted height and weight bearing capacity and to increase the maximum visitor seating capacity.

By extending the capacity of Resorts World Arena to 21,600, it would be elevated to the largest indoor venue in the UK and Ireland market in terms of capacity and gross earning potential.

This will ensure that major artists and the largest world class productions continue to come to the West Midlands, thus protecting the significant contribution that the Arena provides to the local and regional economy.