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Polar Park to debut with hi-tec videoboards

ANC is supplying and installing high-technology full-colour videoboards for the under-construction Polar Park, the new home of MiLB’s Worcester Redsox.

The boards will take pride of place in Left Field and Right-Center Field, and a large, traditional, electronic alphanumeric scoreboard will be installed on the Worcester Wall in Right Field, plus a pair of LED Matrix boards behind First and Third Base.

ANC also provides the videoboards for the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

The Worcester Red Sox (nicknamed the WooSox) are a professional minor league baseball team scheduled to begin play in 2021.

The team is due to play in the International League as the Triple-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, succeeding the Pawtucket Red Sox.

At Polar Park, the Left Field Board will be 40ft high and 70ft long, down the left field line, and will primarily focus on the hitter and lineups during innings of Worcester Red Sox games.

The Right-Center Board, on the FlexCon Porch, is 11.5ft high and 41ft long.  During innings, it will primarily be a “Pitchers Board,” focusing on the speed of pitch, type of pitch, and pitch count.

Between innings, it will often be a “Red Sox Board,” providing information about the parent club, including updates on games when played concurrently.

Keeping fans informed about essential game information as they circumnavigate the park, LED Colour Matrix Boards behind First Base and Third Base will be 2.5ft high and 60ft long. Each will provide the count, the score, the inning, and more.

In addition to providing statistical information and notes about the players, the videoboards will provide entertainment pregame, postgame, and between innings of WooSox games (as well as during many other events at the year-round venue).

The club is also planning innovative interactive programming that will further connect fans to the players and to each other.

The WooSox will use ANC’s proprietary scoring system that is also used in Major League Baseball.

Lucchino and WooSox President Dr. Charles Steinberg first introduced a “Pitcher’s Board” to fans of Major League Baseball 25 years ago when they were with the San Diego Padres.

In 1995, the Padres were the first to display the speed of each pitch, and in 1996, installed a board that included the speed, the type of pitch, and the pitch count (including balls and strikes totals).

When they joined the Boston Red Sox in 2002, they were among those who overhauled the electronic scoreboard system (including the creation of a Pitcher’s Board) while preserving and enhancing the manually-operated iconic scoreboard on the Green Monster.