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Pool at heart of new sports complex in Lusignan, France

Chabanne & partners architects has unveiled its latest three aquatic venue projects. In Lusignan it has designed a sports complex that consists of a pool area and an indoor arena. This complementary approach enables independent or simultaneous use of the equipment. Athletes can move easily between swimming pool and high-level training. Chabanne said that this synergy represents a real economy of scale for the operator by combining back of house spaces such as administration, technical and medical. The total area of the project is 4,000 square metres. It will be completed in 2015 at a cost of 5.1 million euros (ex VAT).

Chabanne’s two other pool-based projects are aquatic and wellness centres in a new neighbourhood of Château-Thierry and in Vitry. At Château-Thierry the curved exterior of the building (pictured) fits in a perfect circle dug out to accommodate the beaches. The slide is a monumental sculpture in the heart of the hall. The pool will cost 10.4 million euros and will open in 2015. At Vitry, the aquatic centre has been designed as a theatre ad includes a patio with changeable scenery – from the tropical beaches of Asia to the Scandinavian fjords or a Zen garden. The project will complete in 2016 at a cost of 10 million euros (ex VAT).