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PSG super seat at Parc des Princes

Paris Saint Germain has introduced a branded version of Bertele’s new seat range, which covers general, loge and VIP spectator areas. The Italian-designed seat is the ‘apple computer’ of stadium seats, with an aluminium frame – thin, light but very strong. The resin seat in this frame is similarly strong due to its double injection moulding construction. The padded material fits over this resin core. For Paris St Germain FC, Bertele has sewn a club logo into the back of the chair to provide a special look in the VIP section of Parc des Princes.

Designers can add a solid panel to the side frame for a different look and an armrest for top-end customers The frame can remain as exposed aluminium or painted to match an architect’s colour scheme. The tip-up seat panel pings back into position through gravity so there are no springs or parts to go wrong. The seat attaches to the vertical tier and is waterproof.