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Record set for fastest access control system in the world

How well fans, guests and operators feel is often a matter of how smoothly, safely and, above all, how quickly things happen at a venue’s access control. And – as has been proven this week – SKIDATA can now boast the fastest access control systems in the world.


On November 25, 2014, SKIDATA set a new speed record for how many people can pass through an access control system in a single hour; which, to be exact, was 2033, as SKIDATA CEO Hugo Rohner said following the record, which was set in the company’s own in-house centre:

A number that we can rightly be proud of.


To bring a large number of visitors quickly and safely into a stadium is the ultimate goal and one of the strengths of SKIDATA. With the company’s systems, it is possible, for example, to get up to 60,000 fans to their seats in less than an hour.


To demonstrate this high performance, SKIDATA set a new speed record in access control systems. During an employee event at the company’s headquarters in Grödig near Salzburg, the team had exactly 60 minutes to pass through a SKIDATA Vario.Gate access control system; the same kind of system that is typically used in stadiums and amusement parks worldwide. The event was monitored both electronically by video, as well as by notary Dr. Georg Zehetmayer from Hallein.


Rohner commented of the record:

The achieved number put the performance of both the SKIDATA team as well as of our access readers to the test.


SKIDATA AG has been setting technological standards in the access control systems industry for 37 years. The starting point was 1977, with the world’s first electronic cash registers and printed tickets for the ski industry. Since then, the ticketing pioneer, who is among the global market leaders in all of its business areas, owns more than 100 patent families, including for the first hands-free ski tickets, as well as parking barrier with integrated lighting and car entry with credit cards.

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Image captions:
Top: Notary Dr. Georg Zehetmayer (left) confirms the record number to SKIDATA CEO, Hugo Rohner (right) and Marketing Manager, Sabine Hölzl (middle).
Middle: The SKIDATA team is pleased with the result.

Bottom: Speed record: SKIDATA provides fastest access control system in the world.

Copyright: SKIDATA