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Safe-standing demonstration sign of changed thinking

Ashton Gate Stadium in Bristol has introduced a safe-standing demonstration area. Doug Harman, Chairman of Bristol City, told the BBC:

We’ve installed a demonstration block of 32 seats. The rail seating concept demo block allows people to get a really good feel. Each row has a rail so that there can’t be a crowd surge.

In a recent meeting the majority of Football League clubs showed support for safe-standing. Football League Chief Executive Shaun Harvey said:

Consultation has given us a better understanding of the wide range of views held by clubs on this issue and we will take our cue from the prevailing opinion.

Harman added:

We have plans to redevelop Ashton Gate and our friends from Bristol Rugby will be moving in and their fans can stand under rugby legislation. We’ve taken a lot of notice of what German stadiums are doing. People do stand. We want to provide a safe environment.

The all-seated Wedlock Stand will be replaced with a brand new stand, which could contain 2,202 rail seats to the rear of the stand behind the goal if regulations permit it.

Further redevelopment of the stadium in the Dolman Stand, to the side of the pitch, could see a further 1,568 rail seats incorporated in the stadium, which has been home to Bristol City FC for more than 100 years.

Picture: Standing takes place now in an unsafe fashion. See Persistent Standing by Steve Frosdick, PanStadia & Arena Management Spring 2013


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