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SC Freiburg move step closer to new stadium

German soccer club SC Freiburg have taken a successful step in their bid to build a new stadium.


Freiburg city council has approved the Club’s building project in the Wolfswinkel area of the city, with 33 councillors voting in favour of the project and only ten voting against the move. On 1st February 2015, the city’s residents will cast their deciding vote.


It is believed that the cost of building the new venue will total around €108m; with €70m for the stadium and infrastructure construction totalling an additional €38m. Under the plan, the stadium will have a seating capacity of about 35,000.


If the stadium is approved by residents, the new arena could be ready in time for the 2018/19 German soccer season.


The decision to relocate was initially made by the Club as its current 24,000-capacity Schwarzwald-Stadion is deemed too small.

The day-to-day operations of the facility are to be financed by SC Freiburg. Under the terms of the deal, the German side is to allocate €3.8m per year to this end if the side remains in the Bundesliga. If the Club is relegated to the second tier, the amount will be decreased to €2.5m per year.