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SEKO scores with in-venue hand hygiene solution

Global cleaning and hygiene expert SEKO has unveiled its DispenserONE hand sanitiser, for stadia and arenas looking to welcome fans back in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

SEKO’s latest innovation solves the issues associated with traditional hand sanitiser dispensers while adding a multitude of features to benefit users and operators alike.

With a capacity of 25 litres providing an average of 25,000 doses of sanitiser, DispenserONE offers up to 50 times the capacity of a conventional dispenser, ensuring users always have access to a plentiful supply of product while vastly reducing refill frequency for the operator.

This makes it ideal for operators looking to safely re-open stadia and arenas to the public at a time when visitors are anxious for assurance that commercial spaces are Covid secure.

This mains-powered system removes reliance on batteries, while automatic touch-free dispensing maximises user safety.

Meanwhile, with remote access possible via an in-built Wi-Fi hotspot, operators can view live statistics on sanitiser level and usage data on multiple units across different sites through their personal dashboard.

With this information to hand, they’re able to make dosing adjustments from any location through their personal dashboard.

DispenserONE’s customisation options allow the unit to be branded in club colours and badge to enhance user experience, while an optional 17-inch video screen can be used to sell advertising space, run promotions or display visitor information.

SEKO, based in Rieti, Italy, was established in 1976 and specialises in the manufacture of chemical dosing solutions for the cleaning & hygiene and water-treatment sectors.

Along with more than 1,000 professionals across 23 subsidiaries in six continents, SEKO is supported by an accredited Partner Distributor network, ensuring region-specific technical expertise and rapid delivery of goods.