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The ‘Smart Stadium’ approach to event management allows directors to streamline processes, gain new insights into stadium data and deliver a first-rate fan experience.

Thomond Park, the home of Munster Rugby, has completely transformed its operational structure by using IoT (Internet of Things) technology and smart software.

By digitising many operations, Thomond Park is now one of the leading ‘Smart Stadia’ in Europe. Colm Moran, facility manager & event controller at Thomond Park Stadium, was a key driver for this change and is among the first adopters of the ‘Smart Stadium’ approach in Europe.

On February 19th, Moran is co-hosting an exciting webinar with Over-C  where he discusses the digital transformation of the stadia sector, and what he sees as the future of the fan experience in an increasingly digitised world.

Prior to adopting the ‘Smart Stadium’ approach, Thomond Park used paper-based processes and lacked transparency and real-time insight into match-day operations and were often overwhelmed with manual, administrative, time-consuming tasks.

By implementing smart sensors and management software Thomond digitised and automated these processes freeing up time to focus on the fan experience, giving complete insight and visibility of operations all from one platform.

By adopting a smart stadium approach, it has helped Thomond Park Stadium enrich the fan experience along with many other benefits to how they operate.

Moran summarises it best. He said:

The real benefit is that is it allows us to focus on the real job rather than the admin. The real job is delivering the fan experience and making sure that Thomond Park stays as one of the top rugby stadiums in the world.

Join Colm Moran, Facility Manager & Event Controller at Thomond Park Stadium (the home of Munster Rugby), for the live webinar on February 19th at 10:00am GMT as he discusses the ways in which IoT technology is revolutionising the fan experience seamlessly under our noses.