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Solivus appoints James Bulley as chairman

Solivus, a new clean energy technology provider, has announced James Bulley OBE as its new chairman.

Armed with a wealth of experience in large scale venue operations and sustainability initiatives for complex infrastructure, Bulley joins Solivus on a mission to build a bridge between innovative solar technology and the commercial real estate sector, and deliver innovative solar solutions to the world.

As global CEO of Trivandi, the company founded by the team that planned and operated the venues for the London Olympics, James was commended for his approach to establishing and delivering sustainability targets for the venues.

Prior to leading the Venues and Infrastructure department for the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (​LOCOG), Bulley was part of the senior leadership team for the London Bid which brought the Games to London.

As chairman, Bulley will work closely with CEO and Founder of Solivus, Jo Parker-Swift, to develop new solar solutions and bring them to key markets, starting with the stadia and arena sector, and commercial real estate sector.

Since raising over £1.6m on Seedrs, surpassing a target of £500k, Solivus is beginning a nationwide and international rollout of ground-breaking solar innovations, and will be calling on Bulley’s experience for high level guidance.

Commenting on his new role, James Bulley OBE, said:

I am honoured to join Solivus on a mission to deliver innovative solar solutions for the built environment. As the world heads towards a Net Zero economy, all buildings and infrastructure need to prepare for the future and adopt clean energy; Solivus is at the cutting edge of solar solutions and is perfectly placed to enable this on a large scale, especially in the commercial real estate and entertainment sectors.

I’m looking forward to working with Jo and her team as we push for the wider adoption of thin-film solar across the UK and the rest of the world. The potential of thin-film is incredible. Now we can create an entire solar farm on the roof a stadium – let’s make it happen!

Also commenting on Bulley’s new role, CEO of Solivus, Jo Parker-Swift, said:

James is the ‘man who gets things done’, and that’s exactly what we need as we embark on our mission to bring new solar innovations to the commercial sector.

 As the world’s governments scramble to pass legislation and formulate plans to achieve the goals of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, the importance of clean energy solutions has never been higher.

 Our solar solutions will open up new markets for solar energy that were previously unworkable due to older, heavier solar panels. Our ‘thin-film’ changes the game and will bring mega-buildings, more homes and communities into play.

Solivus is now using the Seedrs funding to enable wider sales, distribution, development and marketing of three key innovations:

Flexible Thin-Film Solar Panels

Commercial properties: Lightweight, thin-film solar solutions for large commercial properties where businesses are looking to lower their energy costs and carbon emissions but have buildings unable to take the weight of conventional solar. Flexible thin-film solar panels have unique sustainable qualities in that it has a superior low carbon footprint in its manufacture and very low costs for its end of life programme as it can be easily recycled.

Stadiums and Arenas: Architectural rooftop solar solutions for stadiums and arenas where aesthetics and sightlines are paramount. These buildings are designed to maximise sightlines using less columns supporting the roof which means they have less ability to take the weight of conventional solar. Owners are looking for options that lower their energy costs and align with their sustainability strategy.

The Solivus Arc

Domestic: The Solivus Arc® – a revolutionary solar array to power people’s homes and electric vehicles. This patent-pending solar solution provides an alternative to rooftop solar and has incredible low-carbon credentials. A variation, the Solivus Spider, is also available as a mobile off-grid solar power generator for temporary events, remote areas etc.

The Solivus Solar Carport

Commercial: Traditional solar carports have always proved challenging as they are bulky and expensive structures. The Solivus Carport offers a competitive solution that facilitates community EV charging, providing additional power where there are grid challenges.

Solivus’ ultimate mission is to allow mega-buildings, homes and communities to lower their carbon footprint and generate their own local green energy through our family of solar solutions. Using new thin-film solar technology to design truly innovative products, Solivus is opening up vast new markets previously unavailable to traditional solar – both in the UK and across the world.