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Solivus wins global solar films deal for stadia

UK based company Solivus has secured a global contract to supply Heliatek’s award-winning solar film to stadia and arenas.

Solivus specialises in creating renewable, sustainable products and has just signed the contract with Heliatek, a global leader in organic, solar films.

The unique film won the 2020 Innovation Award at the World Energy Summit. It is ultra-light, ultra-thin, flexible and end of life disposal is environmentally friendly. It can be fixed to glass, metal and concrete surfaces whether they are horizontal, vertical or curved making it the ideal solar solution for stadia and arenas.

Two Premier League football clubs are already in advanced discussions with Solivus CEO Jo Parker Swift and her business partners. She said:

This presents a really exciting opportunity for us. We have been working with Heliatek for three years and already have exclusive future distribution rights for the UK and US. The global contract with Heliatek opens up a whole new market for us and provides Solivus with exclusive access to the UK, 37 countries across Europe and the rest of the world. This takes Solivus to another level.

In 2019 James Bulley, Chief Executive of Trivandi, joined Solivus as Non-Executive Director. James has a wealth of experience in mega-event and stadia projects and in 2012 he was the Director of London’s Olympic Park. This collaboration between Trivandi and Solivus is unique as Trivandi brings its knowledge and expertise in stadia and arenas and Solivus with its innovative solar film from Heliatek designed specifically for this sector. It is this formidable joining of forces that has led to us securing this global contract with Heliatek.

In January of this year the CEO of Heliatek, Guido van Tartwijk came to the UK to meet with Bulley and heard the Trivandi story. He said:

We were immediately convinced about Trivandi’s dynamism and industry expertise and knew that together with Solivus, both would be able to crack this market. After this meeting things moved quickly.

Bulley described the technology as ‘a gamechanger’. He explained:

Stadia and arenas have been looking into renewable energy for years. If you think about long span roofs, the steelwork has to support heavy lighting, sound systems and video boards. The addition of traditional glass PV solar panels on the roof means that the extra steelwork required to support the weight of the panels outweighs the cost benefit of introducing solar.

Also, many of the roofs are curved which works against rigid, conventional panels. The solar film still performs even when there is shading from structures above the roof surface. It does not switch off unlike traditional PV panels. This is what makes this solar film product so unique.

He said the benefits extend beyond its weight of just 1.8kg per square metre, it’s flexibility and ease of installation.

With no additional reinforcement costs to the roof, stadia and arenas will start to see payback straightaway and a return on investment from an unused asset. We can also help organisations meet environmental standards as the Solivus technology is truly green from cradle to grave.

Trivandi, whose experience extends to the Rio Olympics, the US Super Bowl and Asian and Pan American Games has already undertaken a comprehensive feasibility study across three venues in the UK, including two stadia and an arena. Bulley said:

We are confident that we can roll it out internationally. Jo and I are looking to the UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and the US initially and are using Trivandi’s global networks across 22 countries to start conversations in those territories.

Parker Swift described the potential value of the market as ‘substantial’. She said:

There are nearly 5,000 stadia across 224 countries and that is before you factor in arenas. Some of them will be tied into conventional systems and are waiting for a payback point though they could fix our product on top of their existing installations and get an instant return. We expect to get involved at an early stage in new developments.

Ultimately our vision extends beyond stadia and arenas and we already in discussions with companies in the commercial warehousing sector and have installations in the residential market but we want to celebrate this huge step forward in the delivery of a ground-breaking renewable energy supply.

Image: James Bulley, Co-founder and Chief Executive at Trivandi Ltd and Jo Parker-Swift, CEO and Co-Founder of Solivus.