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Specialist sports business lawyers Couchmans LLP have launched a new website to provide information and assistance on data protection, with a particular focus on those entities operating in the sports, fitness and related industries.

The site,, has been built specifically with the proposed changes to EU data protection law in mind. The new law – the General Data Protection Regulation – is currently being discussed by three European bodies: the Commission, Council and Parliament. It is expected to be finalised by the end of this year.

The proposed Regulation is in large part a response to the rapid advancement in technology and the emergence and proliferation of social media. The current Directive is now 20 years old.

Changes are expected in various areas including the definition of consent, the territorial reach of the law and the levels of fines. The launch comes at a time of heightened focus on data protection issues.

European and US authorities are currently engaged in talks to try to agree a replacement to the Safe Harbour arrangements that were declared invalid by the Court of Justice of the European Union on 6 October 2015 after privacy campaigner Max Schrems had brought an action against Facebook in Ireland.

Couchman Partner and Head of Digital and IP, Nick White, said:

People ought to start thinking about this new Regulation now, if they have not already.

Sports bodies, brands and others will need to identify the key areas where the law is going to change and then work out how to comply with the new law as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our aim with this site is to provide information and practical support to entities that need help with compliance with data protection laws, old and new.

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