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Spurs pick Daktronics for stadium LED displays

Tottenham Hotspur has selected Daktronics to provide new LED video and ribbon displays for the club’s new stadium in London.

Four main video displays totalling more than 1,000m2, two façade displays and three tiers of ribbon displays will be installed in 2018.

The two south end displays will each encompass 325m2 and the two north end displays will each encompass 190.7m2.

Two additional displays in the south west and south east will measure 178.9m2. Each main display will feature 13HD pixel layouts to bring excellent image clarity and contrast to fans in every seat.

Each main video display will feature variable content zoning allowing each to show one large image or to be divided into multiple windows to show any combination of live video, instant replays, statistics and match data, graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages.

The three tiers of LED ribbon displays will deliver fan engagement through the event-day experience.

It is the first time three sets of ribbon displays have been featured inside a stadium in the United Kingdom.

The upper and middle tier ribbons will run from the east to west stands through the north stand. The upper measures 387 meters long while the lower measures 348 meters long. The suite tier ribbon will be split into two runs along the east and west stands measuring 122 meters long on the east and 105 meters long on the west.

Matthew Collecott, director of operations, Tottenham Hotspur said:

We are pleased to add Daktronics to our roster of world-leading suppliers, as specialists in large LED video displays and digital ribbon boards. 

We have pushed them to deliver something that will truly set us apart and these installations will play a significant role as part of our commitment to setting a new standard in fan experience in sports and entertainment.

Tottenham Hotspur is committed to driving innovation and using modern technology, including the new Daktronics displays, to deliver an unrivaled fan experience inside the new 62,062-seat stadium, the largest of any football club in London.

Daktronics President and CEO Reece Kurtenbach said:

We’re extremely proud to partner with one of the most storied football clubs in England,” said. The video displays and LED technology in this stadium is sure to create an amazing atmosphere for fans and players alike. We’re excited to see the stadium open later this year.