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Standing in seated areas revisited by Sports Grounds Safety Authority

The UK’s Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) has reissued a Joint Statement first produced in 2002 by a range of partners which examined the nature and causes of spectators standing in seated areas at football grounds, identified possible measures to address the issue and set out the responsibilities that lay with each stakeholder.

The SGSA stated that it hasn’t rewritten the principles, but it has clarified the roles and responsibilities of the various authorities involved. It has also updated the document to include a template for a risk assessment and post match review of the effectiveness of the control measures, and has included three case studies of how different clubs have sought to tackle the issue.

The BBC has written on the issue of standing at football grounds in general which gives insight into the fans’ point of view. Safe standing is investigated in one of the articles in More Safety and Security at Sports Grounds by Chalmers and Frosdick.