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Venues meeting ticketing challenge of inclusive pricing

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In the UK, venues need to be compliant with advertising code regulations and AudienceView has developed new functionality to achieve this, working in partnership with NEC and trialled by The Ticket Factory for several months beginning in March. It allows venues to present clear and inclusive ticket pricing across all digital sales channels.

Similar to pricing for airline tickets, the regulations require that all charges be included in the advertised price for live entertainment tickets from the very beginning of any online purchase process. This provides transparency for customers, eliminates misleading ticket prices on venue websites and ultimately improves the overall service experience.

For most live entertainment organisations, inclusive pricing presents a fundamental business change. It impacts everything from the deals that venues make with producers, promoters and artists to how marketing departments prepare copy for brochures, print ads and web pages. Organisations must also make sure their technology can apply solutions to all digital channels as well as phone rooms and the box office. Roger Tomlinson Industry Consultant said:

This goes well beyond the way that venues and ticket sellers are presenting pricing – it’s a fundamental shift in how our industry is engaging with potential buyers. While inclusive pricing will mean many changes to common industry practices and the way that membership schemes work, I see the move as a positive one. Anything that makes it easier for customers to understand how much the ticket costs as part of their ‘going out experience’ will help sell more tickets. It also aligns the arts and entertainment industry with most other retail practices.

When using AudienceView, inclusive pricing is presented up front, during seat selection, with the total cost broken down by ticket price and booking fees for added clarity. Recognising the complexities of calculated charging, AudienceView also enables configurable messaging for fulfillment, delivery and other fees, which some venues may include on each order instead of on a per-ticket basis.

The Committee on Advertising Practice (CAP) advertising guidelines extend beyond the online sales process to include purchased ads, print materials and posters created by the venue or producer, social media and any other distributed information.