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Airflow modelling, Vancouver.

As it becomes increasingly important for stadia to be more energy efficient, the availability of technologies that can support this transition are more and more pressing. And this is valid for both new build and the retrofit market. A lot can be learned from industries that might not traditionally be associated with the construction industry. Formula One is one of those. 

Formula One has been using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology for years in order to accurately model, analyse and design with speed and accuracy. With 37 years of competition at the highest level of motorsport under their belt, Williams have world class experience in aerodynamics to improve performance and efficiency. Huge investments have been made to develop state-of-the-art facilities including an on-site supercomputer with 47 Teraflops of computational processor power, a high fidelity aerodynamic simulation cluster, two wind tunnels and extensive rapid-prototyping facilities. And there is ongoing investment in cutting edge CFD hardware and software.

The demand for air/fluid flow visualisation and CFD calculation tools is growing. However, many independent consultants cannot support the multi-million dollar investment needed to support CFD calculations, model making and wind tunnel testing.

Williams wind tunnel.

Williams wind tunnel.

Williams Advanced engineering is the technology and engineering services business of the Williams Group of the companies that also includes the world famous Williams Martini Racing Formula One team. Forced in 2010 as a means of bringing Formula One derived technology and knowhow to commercial applications, Williams Advanced Engineering now employs 150 people and provides technical innovation, engineering, testing, and manufacturing services to the automotive, motorsport, civil aerospace, defence, sports science and energy sectors.

Based on their knowledge from Formula One, which has been a hybrid racing series since 2009, Williams Advanced Engineering has specialised in “energy efficient performance”. In essence, this means collaborating with companies to create new products that are more energy efficient than what has gone before but crucially do not compromise on style or performance.

Super computer at Williams.

Super computer at Williams.

Through Williams Advanced Engineering’s activities in the world of energy as well as sports science, the business noticed a need for industrial aerodynamics for stadia as well and other large infrastructures. Combining experienced CFD engineers and aerodynamicists, Formula One facilities and relevant market knowledge, Williams can support this market need. By modelling the flow of air and energy, cost saving designs can be developed and hundreds of design options can be tested. The applications are endless – analysis and optimisation of natural ventilation; fire consequence analysis; building service analysis such as radiator dimensioning and positioning; solar loading analysis; wind loading of buildings and suspended structures for example.

For further information, contact Katrien Hermans, Business Development Manager at Williams.

T. +441235777147
M. 447977275820

OX12 0DQ, UK

Gold LEED for Carver-Hawkeye Arena update

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The Carver-Hawkeye Arena Addition and Renovation project at the University of Iowa has earned Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification. Jane Meyer, Senior Associate Director of Athletics, said:

The department of athletics is very proud to have Carver-Hawkeye Arena reach LEED GOLD status. It is very important that the athletics programme serve as a leader and support the sustainability principles outlined by the greater university. It is truly a win-win because we benefit by having a state-of-the-art and energy-efficient facility; and we assist the university in meeting its sustainability goals. Neumann Monson and Knutson Construction helped us achieve our goals by designing and building a great facility for our student-athletes, coaches, and staff to use and for the many Iowa Hawkeyes fans to enjoy.

The project included the construction of a practice facility immediately north of the arena for use by the UI’s men’s basketball, women’s basketball and volleyball programmes; renovation of the practice, fitness and weight-training facilities used by the UI’s national championship wrestling programme; renovation and expansion of other fitness and weight-training space in the arena used by the majority of Iowa’s 24 sports teams; the renovation and expansion of locker rooms in the facility; and the renovation of existing and the creation of new office, meeting, and storage space for use by administrative and coaching staff of the UI Athletics Department.

Completed in 2011, UI Facilities Management partnered with general contractor Knutson Construction and design firm Neumann Monson Architects, to incorporate numerous sustainable principles, such as:

  • Water efficient landscaping was utilised with no irrigation system installed
  • Water use reduction beyond 40 percent
  • Significant energy cost savings of 51 percent with a payback on incremental costs of just over eight years
  • More than 20 percent regional and recycled content of the new materials installed
  • As part of the renovation of the existing building, over 90 percent of the original structure was reused

The UI was also able to earn a LEED point for this project by dedicating renewable energy generated by burning biomass in the form of oat hulls at the main power plant to the building, which will not increase the UI’s overall energy consumption because of several conservation measures.

Wembley Stadium rewarded for environmental excellence

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Wembley Stadium has become the largest ever venue to be awarded the 3 star Industry Green certification for its commitment to environmental sustainability.

This is Wembley Stadium’s fourth Industry Green certification and the first time the venue has achieved three stars. Roger Maslin, Managing Director, Wembley Stadium, said:

The Green Team at Wembley Stadium has been working towards achieving the 3 Star Industry Green certification for the past four years and it is testament to the on-going work that has been carried out by the staff that we have achieved this award.

Through the implementation of an environmental management system the Green Team at the Stadium has tackled the environmental impacts to make improvements in areas such as energy efficiency and waste management. This has been communicated with audience and event owners to engage with them to review their activity as well.

My congratulations go out to the staff at the Stadium that are members of the Green Team, who are directly accountable for the achievement of the Industry Green certification.

Some of their outstanding achievements throughout the past year include:

  • Reduced absolute emissions (from energy, water, sewerage, waste and business travel combined) from 13,708 tonnes CO2e to 12,824 tonnes CO2e, a reduction of 884 tonnes CO2e.
  • Reduced overall emissions per performance per seat (from energy, water, sewerage, waste and business travel combined) by 10%.
  • Reduced energy use emissions per performance per seat by 9%.
  • Reduced emissions from business travel by 10% per performance per seat.
  • Reduced total waste volumes by 17%. Increased recycling rates from 46% to 65% and composting from 5% to 15%, meaning waste to landfill decreased from 49% to 20%.
  • Establishing a comprehensive Environmental Sustainability Management Strategy from 2012-2015.
  • Undertaking a range of environmental engagement and awareness-raising activities, with staff, event organisers and audience, for example organising a Green Team Expo and Bike Week for staff.
  • The stadium’s work to promote and encourage lower carbon travel to work, such as Bike Week, have seen an increase in the numbers of staff taking travel card loans and registering on the Cycle to Work scheme.

Industry Green is a certification of environmental sustainability achievement across the creative industries, set up by environmental organization Julie’s Bicycle in partnership with the Environmental Change Institute of Oxford University. Three stars is the highest possible rating and Wembley joins just five other arts and cultural organisations in holding this status.

Water management for sporting venues – the guide

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A new water management brochure specifically for the construction and management of sporting venues worldwide has been launched by Polypipe, a major international supplier of plastic piping systems.

Polypipe’s experience includes work on Wembley Stadium, Millennium Stadium, Etihad Stadium and Old Trafford. The company supplied pipework systems to every venue on the Olympic Park for the London 2013 Games.

The brochure introduces a complete water management offer for sporting venues and highlights key products for the unique challenges posed by sporting venues, such as Polypipe Terrain HydroMax, a siphonic drainage system designed to rapidly drain away extreme rainfall on the often complex roofing systems of stadiums and arenas.

Also featured in the brochure is Terrain Permavoid, a structural shallow geo-cellular modular system which collects sub-pitch rainwater to prevent flooding or water logging – a highly popular solution for sporting venues as Rod Green, Polypipe Technical Manager, explained:

Shallow application systems like Terrain Permavoid are vital in maintaining a playable sports surface in moderate and wet climates, protecting turf from both drought and flooding, therefore reducing the need for costly resurfacing. Polypipe’s expertise in water management and irrigation means we can advise on the correct system for each application, taking into account different climates worldwide, the demands of the sport in question, and the possibilities for water re-use.

To download the Polypipe Water Management for Sporting Venues Brochure, please go to the Polypipe International website