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Etihad Stadium, home ground of Premier League football club Manchester City, recently upgraded its irrigation system with the installation of 16 Toro® R Series conversion assemblies.

Installed with new artificial turf covers around the perimeter of the pitch, the football stadium has cost-effectively upgraded its existing sprinklers by replacing only the sprinkler internals, along with some of the nozzles to ensure no water waste. This was all done while keeping the existing body and piping system intact.

Etihad Stadium Head Groundsman Lee Jackson explained the reasons behind the upgrade:

There were no issues with the previous sprinklers we used; however, after seeing a demo of the new Toro conversions kits in July 2014, I was impressed with the fact that there is no stopping point at the edge of each arc. This maximizes water getting onto the pitch itself and not ‘puddling’ on the perimeter.

Jackson also commented on the adjustable trajectories and the benefits this feature will bring:

On a windy day, the adjustable trajectories will prove invaluable in ensuring that there is minimal drift from the spray. The sprinklers themselves are also on a faster movement, meaning quick watering of a full arc when time is restricted.

While Jackson says there are no plans to invest further into the club’s irrigation system at present, he does admit that he will be keeping an eye out for new industry advancements, as he advised:

It would be remiss of me in my job not to look at new products, hence the purchase of the conversion kits, as nothing stands still in any industry and in groundscare it’s certainly no different. Anything that can improve what you already have should be seriously looked at where practically possible.

This latest investment in Toro follows shortly after the club’s recently opened City Football Academy (CFA) took delivery of a 13-strong Toro fleet, comprising of mowers, aerators, sprayers and utility vehicles.

Water management for sporting venues – the guide

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A new water management brochure specifically for the construction and management of sporting venues worldwide has been launched by Polypipe, a major international supplier of plastic piping systems.

Polypipe’s experience includes work on Wembley Stadium, Millennium Stadium, Etihad Stadium and Old Trafford. The company supplied pipework systems to every venue on the Olympic Park for the London 2013 Games.

The brochure introduces a complete water management offer for sporting venues and highlights key products for the unique challenges posed by sporting venues, such as Polypipe Terrain HydroMax, a siphonic drainage system designed to rapidly drain away extreme rainfall on the often complex roofing systems of stadiums and arenas.

Also featured in the brochure is Terrain Permavoid, a structural shallow geo-cellular modular system which collects sub-pitch rainwater to prevent flooding or water logging – a highly popular solution for sporting venues as Rod Green, Polypipe Technical Manager, explained:

Shallow application systems like Terrain Permavoid are vital in maintaining a playable sports surface in moderate and wet climates, protecting turf from both drought and flooding, therefore reducing the need for costly resurfacing. Polypipe’s expertise in water management and irrigation means we can advise on the correct system for each application, taking into account different climates worldwide, the demands of the sport in question, and the possibilities for water re-use.

To download the Polypipe Water Management for Sporting Venues Brochure, please go to the Polypipe International website