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Billed as “The Nation’s most spectacular college soccer facility”, Dr. Mark and Cindy Lynn Stadium at the University of Louisville features seating for more than 5,300 soccer fans, a 15,500sqft training centre, a large video scoreboard and an audio system  providing even coverage for sell-out crowds.

Designed by consultant Tom Lorenzen of dBA Acoustics in Louisville, the audio system provides clear announcements and high-fidelity music to fans in four separate seating areas and to players and officials on the field.

Lorenzen said the university’s goals were excellent audio with even coverage throughout the various seating areas and on the field. To meet these goals, he used a combination of designs. Fourteen Community W SERIES WX- 1594 loudspeakers, distributed along the underside of the canopy, provide sound for the stadium’s 2,300-seat covered grandstand. Eight R SERIES R2- 474 and four R2- 77 loudspeakers, installed on lighting poles and on the video scoreboard, provide sound for the field, the end-zone bleachers and the stadium’s two grassy berms. Three R.5-99 loudspeakers, also mounted on the scoreboard, cover part of the east berm seating and a pair of Community D SERIES DS8 surface-mount loudspeakers with a separate amplifier provide an independent sound system serving a patio garden near the concessions area.

The loudspeakers are powered by Lab.gruppen amplifiers and a Biamp Audia-Flex DSP provides equalisation and delay to assure consistent sound arrivals throughout the stadium. The press booth includes a Shure announce microphone and an Allen & Heath mixer and Shure wireless microphones are used on the field.

Bland Technologies of Louisville installed the system adding a custom touch screen user interface to control the various speaker zones and presets. The project was completed in time for standing-room-only crowds to witness the Louisville Cardinal’s opening game soccer victories in their 2014-2015 season.


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Main image: Lynn Stadium’s Main Grandstand with Community W SERIES Loudspeakers

Below: Lynn Stadium with Community R SERIES and W SERIES Loudspeakers – Photo Courtesy Andrew Yeager-Buckley.


New stadium audio for 2015 UEFA European Under-17 Championship

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Arena Sozòpol is one of the four venues that will host the 2015 UEFA European Under-17 Championship. Completed in plenty of time, the 4,000-seat host venue has undergone a full reconstruction with new grandstands and amenities.

Sozòpol is an attractive ancient seaside town located 35km south of Bulgaria’s second largest city, Burgas, on the beautiful Black Sea Coast. It is one of the country’s major seaside resorts, internationally known for the Apollonia art and film festival.

Burgas-based Pro Audio Ltd was commissioned to design and install the audio for the new stadium.

Stanislav Petrov, Managing Director of Pro Audio explained their design:

High intelligibility, even coverage and good sound levels with headroom were all main criteria, so Community’s R SERIES were the natural first choice. Their accurate dispersion also avoids unnecessary overspill in the vicinity of the stadium and their all-weather reliability is second to none.

The project was accomplished in two stages, as each of the new grandstands was built. Eight Community R.5’s were used for the main stand, with two R2’s covering the playing field. In phase two, an additional nine R.5’s were installed to provide complete coverage of the second stand.

Mixing for the system is handled by an Allen & Heath analogue console with DSP and routing via a TOA M-9000M2 with remote control units. The Community loudspeakers are powered by QSC CMX series amplifiers. The system uses a Sennheiser ew300 4-channel mic system and a TASCAM CD player provides a source for music.

Petrov added:

The system is loud and clear and provides excellent coverage of every seat. Visitors can enjoy themselves, comfortably hearing the commentary and entertainment even when excitement is at its highest and the crowd at its loudest.


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Hazza Bin Zayed – the new flagship stadium in the UAE – celebrates 1st anniversary

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Promising spectators a new level of sporting experience, Hazza Bin Zayed is the new flagship stadium in the United Arab Emirates. In addition to 25,000 seats, the new home of Al Ain FC football club features nine lounges and restaurants, a medical centre, and a media centre, as well as further facilities to hold local, regional and global events.

The Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium is an architectural marvel and one of the most impressive and technologically advanced sports venues in the UAE. It is also now home to the region’s most successful team, Al Ain Football Club. It can accommodate 25,000 spectators and was completed in a record time of just 17 months, measuring up to the very best international standards.

The stadium covers an area of 45,000sqm and is 50 metres high, making it one of the tallest buildings in Al Ain City. It hosts more than 3,000 premium seats; one of the highest ratios of premium seating in the world for football stadia. The inspired design of the outer façade is based on the trunk of the palm tree, an integral part of the UAE’s heritage and legacy. It is located close the main highways linking Al Ain to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, with Al Ain Airport just 15 minutes away.

This is the first stadium in the world designed specifically to embrace and harness shade, featuring a unique parasol roof to fully shade all fans, the roof of the stadium is an iconic part of the entire development. The result is a stadium that is open and passively cooled, providing an intimate and engaging atmosphere for the proud and patriotic Al Ain FC fans to get close to the action on the pitch.

The outer shell of Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium is made up of 600 independently-mounted fabric panels with independently controlled LED lights, capable of covering the surface of the structure with pre-selected coloured lights or designs, which can be seen from 360 degrees by all passing traffic and visitors – a beacon in the landscape.
With technology as a key driver, Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium needed equipment to match its reputation in the region and so JBK Controls International’s UAE office was assigned with the installation of around a dozen systems, including a pro audio system. For the latter, JBK Controls International secured the services of Dubai-based Prosonic. The challenge for the Dynacord partner was to install a powerful while elegant sound system.

Prosonic Managing Director, Amir Bagheri, recalled “The design of the system changed a lot due to the roof structure”. Based on EASE simulations carried through with the help of Tony Sawyer and Oliver Sahm of Bosch Communications Systems, Prosonic opted for a combined Dynacord and Electro-Voice system.

The stadium itself is divided into four sound zones in which Electro-Voice EVF front-loaded and EVH horn-loaded speakers set the tone. Additionally, a ring of Electro-Voice EVID speakers covers those areas that the roof-installed main system does not reach. To power and process the PA system, each of the stadium’s four rack rooms is equipped with Dynacord DSA 8410 amplifiers, as well as Dynacord P64 digital audio matrix managers which master DSP. Full control and supervision is assured by IRIS-Net software. A Dynacord CMS 2200-3 mixing console manages the system.

Klaus Seitz, Bosch Communications Systems Director Sales ProSound for the Middle East added:

A lot of investment is currently made into sports venues, be they indoor or outdoor stadiums or sports halls. With its state-of-the-art equipment, the Hazza Bin Zayed stadium is a case in point.

Tabraiz Ali Khan, JBK Controls International’s General Manager – Operations, agreed:

The sound reinforcement system is fantastic. The sound level is even all the way around the field and matches the SPL that we proposed. The Hazza Bin Zayed stadium is currently an important reference case for the region.

Hazza bin Zayed Stadium recently announced an array of activities that will be organised in conjunction with its first year anniversary celebrations, which will take place from 15-24 January 2015. Among the many activities, the stadium will host friendly matches to attract different audiences to participate in the inaugural celebration of this state-of-the-art facility in the city of Al Ain.

BAM International was responsible for the design and build of this multi-functional stadium, with the project being realised in close cooperation with sister companies BAM Sports (specialised in stadium construction), and BAM Contractors from Ireland.


Cardinal O’Hara gets new stadium sound system

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Philadelphia-Area High School replaces outdated paging horn system

Cardinal O’Hara – a Catholic High School in Springfield, PA, USA – is known for the excellence of its sports, music and academic programs. As the only Philadelphia Catholic League school with a home football stadium on school premises, Cardinal O’Hara’s Lions Stadium has large home and visitors bleachers, an enclosed press box, an artificial turf field and a modern track.

In 2012, Cardinal O’Hara added outdoor lighting for night games and, recently, they replaced the outdated paging horn system with a new audio system using Community R-Series Loudspeakers.

Designed and installed by Tony Albano of Naamans Creek AV in Avondale, PA, the system uses three Community R.5 loudspeakers and one Community R.25 loudspeaker. Two of the R.5s are installed at the outside corners of the press box to cover the left and right sections of the home bleachers and a third is installed on a lighting pole behind the press box to cover the visitors’ bleachers. The single R.25 covers the center section of the home bleachers from the front of the press box. Albano says he could have installed all three of the R.5s on the lighting pole but he wanted to avoid high SPL levels on top of the press box where the videographers stand. His design covers all of the audience areas well including a standing area in front of the home bleachers.

For electronics, Albano chose a Rolls mixer and a CTS 4-channel amplifier. He installed a push-to-talk mic in the press box, provided a wireless mic for field announcements and installed a 3.5mm input for portable music players.  A Community dSPEC DSP provides loudspeaker management and system equalization.  Albano added a switch that reprograms the DSP to turn off the R.5 covering the visitor’s bleachers. This minimizes feedback and delay issues during field announcing. The entire electronics system was installed in a portable electronics rack which can be removed between events for security.

Albano says Cardinal O’Hara’s Lions fans love the new audio system. The sound level is very even throughout the audience areas, announcements are clear and music sounds great.

Community Professional Loudspeakers is a developer and manufacturer of innovative loudspeaker systems for installed sound applications. Based in Chester, Pennsylvania, USA, Community is an American original whose innovative products have shaped the professional sound industry since the company was founded in 1968. Visit for more information. 


Photograph captions:

Above: Cardinal O’Hara’s Football Field

Main image: Cardinal O’Hara’s Press Box with Community R SERIES Loudspeakers

Entertainment-quality Audio System for new Debrecen Stadium

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Interton Ltd has designed and installed a Community loudspeaker sound system for the new Nagyerdei Stadion in Debrecen, Hungary. An all-seated football stadium, Nagyerdei has a 20,340-capacity, making it the third largest capacity Hungarian football stadium and the second largest Hungarian League stadium.

Home to Debreceni Vasutas Sport Club (Debreceni VSC), Nagyerdei Stadion opened on May 1, 2014, and the first official match was played between Debrecen and Újpest, which ended in a 3-1 victory for the home team. As well as being the ‘home’ ground to Debreceni VSC, the stadium will host matches for the Hungarian national football team. The ground also incorporates conference and banqueting suites, and has a club shop selling Debrecen merchandise.

Zoltán Horváth, chief engineer of Interton Ltd, explained the basis for the system design:

Community loudspeakers are our first choice for stadium systems, and we have completed many successful projects with R SERIES. The brief for Nagyerdei, in addition to good speech intelligibility, was for discrete styling and high quality music, so the obvious choice was the weather-resistant version of the iHP-1596 from the iBOX SERIES, which provided the power, wide frequency response and aesthetics the client wanted. An EASE simulation was carried out to confirm the design would meet the required criteria.

The audio system network is provided by a Q-SYS system, with one Core250i and the required number of I/O Frames. The main arena sound system uses four I/O Frames and twenty-eight PLX3102 amplifiers, located in four rack rooms. These amplifiers drive fifty-three Community iHP-1596WR loudspeakers, mounted below the outside edge of the canopy and providing sound to the 360-degree grandstand and to the playing field. The iHP-1596WR is a premium quality large-format 15-inch full-range loudspeaker system with 90 x 60 degree coverage.

Horváth added:

The results are impressive. It’s a really nice sounding system with great SPL to inform and entertain a capacity crowd.

In addition to the main arena PA, Interton designed and installed the audio systems for the venue’s main buildings and studio and also supplied a mobile conference system. Interton additionally installed the scoreboards and the perimeter display, the video distribution system and more than 100 LCD displays. Audio and video distribution are Ethernet-based using the stadium’s LAN.

An inauguration ceremony was held for the opening of Nagyerdei Stadion by Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán. After sanctification by leaders of both the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Catholic Church, singers including Lou Bega, Viktor Király, Ildikó Kersztes, Gigi Radić and Erika Miklósa entertained the audience at the celebration.

Debrecen _3

Mielec Stadium equips its sound system for soccer and athletics

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The new multi-use Mielec Stadium, in south east Poland, has added Community audio equipment, installed by Tommex Zebrowscy. Home to the Stal Mielec football team, the new stadium replicates the old venue’s seating capacity of 30,000 and its format of an athletics track around the playing field to provide multi-sport facilities.

Two-tiered stands flank the length of the stadium, with the main West stand also providing for 100m athletic events. The system designed by Tommex comprises twelve Community R.5HPT three-way, horn-loaded coaxial loudspeakers covering the seating areas of the West stand, with a mirrored system of twelve Community R.5HPTs covering the East stand. Two R2-52 three-way, horn-loaded triaxial loudspeakers are also mounted on the West stand canopy, to cover the pitch and competition zones. Additionally, Tommex provided sound projector and ceiling loudspeakers for the public areas and the rooms under the stands.

Tommex chose Dynacord DSA 8410 and PCL 1240T amplifiers to drive the systems, located in two separate amp rooms in the West and East stands. System integrity is ensured with the use of Dynacord’s DCS (Digital Control Switching) system to provide uninterrupted transmission in the event of any amplifier failure.

Mixing is provided by a Dynacord CMS 1000-3 and a Dynacord P 64 controls the matrix and signal processing, with system monitoring. A computer with touch screen is connected to the matrix P64 to provide a convenient interface for independently adjusting sound levels in the stands, on the pitch and in the zones under the stands.

Jarosław Kraszewski of Tommex, the designer and project manager for the system, explained:

We have successfully completed many projects of this type and always get great results using Community R-Series. Their audio quality, high intelligibility and efficiency set the standard that stadia expect today and their all-weather capability and long-term reliability is a major factor that we know we can depend on.