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In the English Premier League, usually the aim of the team is to finish top of the table, champions of their sport, No. 1, the best!  However, becoming No.1 can involve spending a lot of money on, amongst other things, the team, managers and stadium facilities.

In light of this, it is essential for any professional sporting club to minimise its running costs. The biggest asset a professional club usually holds after its star players is its stadium facilities. Unfortunately, such facilities incur running costs, including expensive energy bills.

Reducing carbon emissions is one way of reducing stadium energy bills. An effective carbon emission reduction strategy will reduce energy costs. One such Premier League Football Club we work with has seen a reduction in carbon emissions of up to 10% resulting in a saving of GBP£43,000 per annum on their energy costs.

The UK Government has also set sporting venues targets when it comes to C02 emission reduction, so combined with financial savings there’s no reason to not have an effective carbon reduction strategy in place.

The good news is, that UK-based company Carbon Management Services can work with any sporting venue to cut carbon, cost and consumption – all of which can be self-funded through their Energy Reduction Assurance programme, so there’s no better time to start your sports venue’s transformation to a reduced carbon emissions sporting venue.

To see more information on the Premier League Football Club Carbon Management Services helped save over GBP£43,000 a year in fuel costs, simply watch the news video here: