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Social Media Promotion Boosts UEFA U21 Championship Ticket Sales

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The UEFA U21 Championship kicked off in Israel with two opening matches played in front of full stadiums. It was no big surprise that host team Israel played against Norway sold out the 14,000 Netanya stadium, but the 12,000 fans who came to watch England vs. Italy in Bloomfield Stadium showed that the local organizing tournament committee is doing something right.

On the eve of the tournament UEFA announced that 100,000 tickets were sold before the first match. In comparison, the 2011 UEFA U21 Championship held in Denmark sold 50,000 tickets throughout the whole tournament.

The Israeli Football Association (IFA) which is organizing the championship has invested heavily in its social media activity, promotions and advertising to promote the tournament. Facebook adds campaigns and viral youtube clips in the weeks leading to the tournament boosted the U21 Championship buzz and exposure in the local social networks.

Last month the IFA launched a facebook ticketing application for purchasing tickets in facebook and which enables fans to see where their friends are sitting. The SitNearMe application was developed by Evento Social Promotion, which works with the IFA and other sports teams across Europe.

Evento’s Marketing Director, Yair Scher explained:

In the last two years the IFA has constantly worked to professionalise and improve its social media activities and they are looking into cutting edge tools and practices.

A comparison of the medium-sized UEFA federations’ official facebook pages shows that the IFA is getting it right.

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Leeds United meets SLO reporting requirements through ticketing software

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Following the recently introduced Government Select Committee’s compulsory regulation for Season 2012/13, where it outlined that each club in the Premier League and Football League is required to designate a ‘Supporter Liaison Officer’ (SLO), end of season reports will soon be due, reporting back on complaint statistics across the club.  Shaun Harvey Chief Executive at Leeds United FC, said:

The new requirement made us review how we could not just meet the terms of the new regulation but do so in a way, whereby the accountability of the clubs staff to deal with complaints/enquiries could be monitored. The majority of complaints relate to one aspect or another of the matchday experience, so linking into the ticketing database was imperative and TALENT facilitated that with us. Our fans have benefited from this enhancement by an improved and consistent service. We can now identify trends of complaints and look to prevent them rather than react to them, which makes us more efficient. We have also managed to identify one or two serial complainers that has helped us prioritise the order in which we deal with matters.

Managing the complaints procedure for clubs is a key part of the SLO role and Leeds United Football Club has streamlined the administration of this procedure by introducing complaints analysis reports. TALENT Sport’s in-built CRM features allow clubs to log and monitor progress to resolution and produce the necessary reports, all in accordance with the new regulation, to the Football League on any customer complaints, cutting administration and saving the club time as a result.

The SLO is charged with producing a Customer Charter which outlines complaint procedures, from how to make a complaint through to setting expectation as to when a response can be expected. At Leeds United, the new SLO worked with the TALENT Sport team to develop a set of reports allowing analysis by match(es), department(s) and also method of resolution which would then be used for end of season reporting as well as a tool for the ongoing management of any supporter complaints.

The SLO reports can be tailored to report back on all aspects of the complaints management procedure, from tracking the date that the complaint was raised to how it was resolved and if there’s any cost implications. It also highlights supporter membership numbers and details, enabling serial/regular complainers to be identified. These reports produced by the TALENT system ensure any football club can easily become fully compliant with this new regulation when reporting back by the end of the season.

Our TALENT Sport system is sometimes perceived to just be helping clubs manage ticket sales efficiently. Whilst this an important aspect of the system and a key area of management for clubs, it has broader capabilities including customer relationship management features from which these Supporter Liaison Officer reports can easily be produced. This helps deliver a great supporter experience and remove administration for clubs so they can get on with running their football business,

commented Rob Such, TALENT Sport product manager at IRIS Ticketing.