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Temporary arena stars in Italian basketball

Italian professional basketball team Virtus Segafredo Bologna has played the latest season in a new temporary arena.

NUSSLI constructed the temporary indoor arena at Padiglione 30 in the convention centre of Bologna. Featuring nearly 9,000 seats, it is one of the biggest basketball arenas in Italy.

Almost twice as many fans can now experience the season games of their team up close in the Virtus Segafredo Arena.

The indoor arena offers basketball lovers a unique sports experience, while business events can also be hosted in the hospitality zone.

From the press area, members of the press enjoy a great view of the court as well as the necessary working environment for live reporting from the arena.

Following less than six weeks of planning and production, a total of 28 trucks delivered more than 450 tons of grandstand material to Padiglione 30 on the exhibition grounds – this included 700 steps alone, plus seats, steel tubes, floor slabs, cladding material and much more.

Within only two weeks – and thus without major disruptions to the ongoing trade fair operation – the assembly teams erected the entire indoor arena.

During the planning phase, arranging the individual grandstands into a compact arena proved to be especially challenging.

The limited width and height of the convention hall did not permit for a harmonious, even shape. The NUSSLI planners thus decided in favour of an unusual arena geometry that ensures optimal fields of vision from the audience seats.

In addition, the orifice-like access ways also comply with the high requirements placed on escape routes.

Until January 5th, 2020, the Virtus Bologna team played in their temporary home arena. The arena was subsequently dismantled. It will be rebuilt for the playoff matches.