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The changing face of sports venue hospitality

Keith Prowse, the UK’s leading supplier of experiences, has launched its research on the changing face of the hospitality sector.  

The study was carried out in early spring 2019 and shows a marked reliance on hospitality being used to engender trust between organisations and their stakeholders.

The paper points to hospitality being used to nurture and re-ignite relationships by creating opportunities to interact in person; taking the online offline and creating personable, meaningful and lasting interactions.

The white paper also makes reference to a new generation of guests and how their social media shares help build their personal brand equity.

Sam Coates, head of marketing at Keith Prowse said:

We are excited to share this research and the learnings it brings. The paper takes an outward look at the business of hospitality to understand what tomorrow’s guests want and what influences them to attend. The business of hospitality has always been about building networks and, increasingly so, it’s about nurturing trust between hosts and their guests.

Titled ‘People Buy Experiences’, Keith Prowse’s white paper gives thought leadership on the changing face of hospitality.

The paper also looks at the demands, trends and best practices for guest engagement and retention that lead to the creations of world-class experiences.

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