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The Fan Experience: Changing the Game with Food & Beverage Technology

More than 40% of sports fans worldwide abandoned concession lines in the past 12 months – without making a purchase – because of excessive waiting, according to a just-released Oracle Hospitality Sports and Entertainment research report The Fan Experience: Changing the Game with Food and Beverage, published in partnership with Turnkey Intelligence, an industry-leading market research provider.

The global study surveyed more than 3,500 sports fans in eight countries – Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom and United States – and focused on uncovering their top priorities. Most importantly, the survey aids venue operators by identifying “pain points” and solutions designed to trigger greater attendance and spark sales.

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45% of fans had abandoned concession lines at least once in the past 12 months without making a food/beverage purchase because the wait was too long.

64% of fans who said they would “probably use” or “definitely use” in-seat ordering if available at their stadium (non-users).

65% of fans who acknowledged that buying food & beverage is based on “impulse.”

51% of fans indicated they attend matches to support an individual team or club; 49% indicated attending sporting events is a fun, social activity with friends or family.

30 Minutes US, 18 Minutes International Amount of total time at an event the average fan has spent in line at concession stands.

56% of fans who said they would “probably use” or “definitely use” a mobile app to order and pre-pay for food or beverages to be picked up at an express line.

$20 Amount that US fans, on average, said they would spend additionally for food & beverage if wait times were cut in half. That represents a 42% increase in typical expenditure (per party, per game).

25% of fans had downloaded a mobile app from a specific team or venue.

67% of fans said they do not currently own a season ticket or membership plan for an individual team.

71% of season ticket holders stated they make F&B purchases at most games.

20% of fans who stated they are a member of a stadium or team’s loyalty rewards program.

55% for food, 53% for beverage of infrequent purchasers who said cost deters them from purchasing more food and beverage respectively.



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