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Thialf Ice Arena comes in from the cold

The newly renovated Thialf Ice Arena in Heerenveen in the Netherlands is set to open open its doors to skaters.

Designed by ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects the Thialf Ice Arena gives top athletes access to the fastest ice and the best 400-metre lowland track.

Thialf is a sutainable ice arena and is able to provide in its own energy needs, due to having 5,000 solar panels, the largest sunroof on a stadium in the Netherlands.

In addition, by making use of an underground heat and cold storage, a large amount of energy is saved.

The ice arena also makes use of energy efficient LED lighting that produces little heat, and is extremely well insulated, which all together provides a great energy saving.

Thialf, which took two years to renovate, plans to provide for its own energy needs in the near future.

The ice centre has been developed with a promenade, giving visitors easy access to all the stands.

Serving points and public meeting places are located along the promenade. A 400m long glass wall separates the promenade from the competition area, with all areas overlooking the ice.

By positioning all the facilities around the ice, top-level sport has been given a central position and maximum interaction between top athletes, recreational athletes and the public is stimulated.

The promenade also isolates the unpredictable outside weather from the competition area and allows for a better control of the indoor climate in Thialf.

Thialf has different climate areas within the ice rink, stand and the promenade that can be managed separately. These new climate areas are one of the key new enhancements of the renewed Thialf.

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands will inaugurate Thialf on January 27.