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Ungerboeck gives back to Venue Industry with community version of software and new IAVM partnership


With the launch of the new Community version of Ungerboeck for Venues, Ungerboeck Software has taken its gold-standard venue management solution and put it within financial reach of smaller and midsize venues. The new offering is being launched in partnership with the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) and is specifically designed to benefit the venue industry as a whole.


CEO, Krister Ungerboeck, said:

At Ungerboeck, we believe every venue, no matter what their size, deserves best-in-class booking software. The new Ungerboeck for Venues allows us to effectively and affordably offer Ungerboeck Software to every venue out there.


The latest offering is based on the same powerful platform that Ungerboeck’s larger venue customers have used for decades, but it is more tightly tailored to the needs of small to midsize venues, introduces a-la-carte pricing, and is accessible from the cloud. With streamlined processes, simplified usability, and web-based access, there is also no longer a need for complex IT management onsite. The end result is a dramatic reduction in entry price – often up to 90% less — for the venue industry’s premier event management software solution.


Ungerboeck for Venues is now available in three different configurations. The Community Edition goes beyond simple event booking and is perfect for venues with up to 10-users. Midsize venues, with up to 30-users, may opt for the more robust Flex Edition that has additional functionality with the ability to add features and license types a-la-carte. The Enterprise Edition is still available to larger venues that need complete venue management, including executive level analysis tools.


And to further support the industry, Ungerboeck has entered into a partnership with the International Association of Venue Managers for the Ungerboeck for Venues launch. For a limited time, Ungerboeck Software Community and Flex Editions will include one IAVM membership. In addition, Ungerboeck will share a portion of the profits from new software subscriptions with IAVM to help them further their mission; “To educate, advocate for, and inspire public assembly venue professionals, worldwide.”


Early adopters have highlighted the accessibility of the new Ungerboeck for Venues solution. For example, as a small Nebraska convention centre Executive Director, Terri Carlson was looking for event booking software that went beyond what spreadsheets could offer. As the sole software user, she chose the Ungerboeck for Venues Community Edition over other products in the same price range because it gave her the functionality she needs, the ability to work remotely, access to client history allowing her to easily book recurring events, and convenient access to online training.


Carlson commented:

Ungerboeck said from the time we start to the time you’re up and going would be two weeks at the most. I was up and running after the first two and a half hour training session, and honestly I probably could have figured the software out on my own. It’s that straightforward.


More information about the Ungerboeck Software Community, Flex, and Enterprise Editions can be found online at: