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Vikings settle in to TCO Performance Center

The Minnesota Vikings are settling in to their new Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO) Performance Center.

The indoor practice facility (IPF) at TCO Performance Center is similar in length to the Vikings’ old Winter Park field house, but is 98ft tall compared to 65ft tall.

The IPF also features scoreboards at each end in addition to retractable uprights that are suspended from the ceiling.

The new Draft Room features 40 55-inch screens fitted together to form one massive touch screen that will be utilised in the weeks leading up to the 2018 NFL Draft.

The Vikings have moved from a 2,400ft2 kitchen/dining space at Winter Park to a 6,900ft2 space that has been nicknamed “The Huddle.”

In addition to The Huddle, a Gatorade Fuel Bar will provide players with a source of healthy snacks and smoothies to keep themselves fuelled throughout the day.

At 8,000ft2, the Vikings’ new training room is more than four times the size of the space utilised at Winter Park. The space includes:

– Orthopedic exam room, medical exam room and concussion room

– 10 treatment tables

– 12 stations for players to occupy with foam rollers or compression devices before and after practices

– Hydrotherapy room, which features a hot tub (104 degrees), cold tub (55 degrees) and underwater treadmill

– Electronic cryotherapy room, in which players remain for anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 minutes, and the temperatures can dip as cold as minus-196 degrees Fahrenheit

– Chiropractic room

– 2 massage rooms

Meanwhile, the weight room at TCO Performance Center spans more than 6,100ft2  and features scores of racks, weights and various machines. A cardio mezzanine also overlooks the weight room.