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Wanda Metropolitano stadium opens

The Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, the new home of Atletico Madrid, opened its doors at the weekend.

The new stadium was built by FCC and was designed by architects Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz.

It takes up a total surface area of 145,721 m2 and has a 67,000 seating capacity in the stands, boxes and a VIP area. It will also offer more than 4,000 parking spaces to fans.

The lay out of the bowl brings fans closer to the pitch, with three new T-shape blocks.

They are formed of a lower block made up of 28 floor stands and priority zones, a mid-level block of 13 stands for VIPs with direct outdoor access and lastly, a high-level block supported on a wrap-around building comprising 32 stands where the public enter. VIP boxes are located here as well.

An area with 79 boxes has also been built in the lower part of the upper block.

Differing from other recent European sports facilities, the modern roof design is formed of a steel structure weighing around 6,336 tons. It is tensioned with radial cables bound by a membrane that occupies a surface area of 83,053 m2.

The roof is an open tensile structure comprising an exterior steel and double height compression ring, an interior traction ring and two sets of radial cables. The roof will shelter the stands, protecting 96% of seats from the rain.

The new stadium is the first in the world to use entirely LED technology, thus transforming the skyline of the city of Madrid.

More than 16 million colours will be projected during each game.